Art Therapy, Express Yourself!!

  • October 2023

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In this video, the host introduces the concept of art therapy and guides viewers through an activity that helps them explore and release painful or difficult experiences. Viewers are encouraged to think about a challenging time in their life and then use colors and shapes to depict the energy of that experience on a piece of paper. Afterward, they are guided to observe where that energy sits in their body and send healing white light to that area. Finally, viewers are given options on how to release the artwork, such as burning or burying it. The host emphasizes the importance of seeking additional support if needed and encourages self-care after engaging with such intense emotions.

18 thoughts on “Art Therapy, Express Yourself!!

  1. So much gratitude for the divine timing of this video. My most painful moment has been popping back up these last few days and this was most helpful. Thank you! Much Love! 0>

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