Psychosis & Schizophrenia in Starseeds

  • June 2023

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In this video titled Psychosis & Schizophrenia in Starseeds, the creator discusses their fascination with psychosis and schizophrenia. They explore the fine line between their own experiences and those of individuals with mental health conditions, emphasizing the importance of functioning in daily life. They also touch on the spiritual perspective of these conditions, the potential connection to past life karma, and the need for discernment and grounding in navigating these experiences. The creator encourages honoring the human body and maintaining balance in spiritual awakening.

36 thoughts on “Psychosis & Schizophrenia in Starseeds

  1. So when I typed in Astral Spiders and Octopus’, this is one of the videos I received. The other one was a paid Galactic Federation video. Did I receive this video because I am open to all beings, particularly those with lower vibrations, because of my awakenings? In some readings that I have done on me, I was told that the lower vibrational beings were attracted to my light. They really can snuff out my light! I feel my light was strong in its purity when I was opening up, but now it is hard to clean and clear myself as a healer. I unconsciously astral plain to other planets to plant food and plants on those planets, amongst other things. What are your thoughts on the matter?

  2. Hi EA, I resonate with nearly all of your teachings and I love what you do but I’m not sure about this one. I don’t think my schizophrenia/psychosis is me tapping into other dimensions or realms. I think it’s trauma-based and my brain has been broken by trauma. I have voices telling me to harm myself. The anti-psychotics take away or dull down those voices but the side effects of the medications impact my quality of life significantly. I think this may be karma-related due to bad actions in past lives and I’m seeking relief and answers and help in many different places. Really, I’m just hoping that I’ll get better as my human body/mind and the earth raises its vibration. I still resonate with a lot of your other videos and draw a lot of comfort from them – thanks for all you do 🙂

  3. As a diagnosed schizophrenic, this was very helpful for me. I don’t come across many, if any, spiritual perspectives on what’s going on with me. I agree it does come down to grounding. Must mention a video on this topic was muccchhh awaited by me 🙂

  4. Very interesting! I always believed Children diagnosed with autism were just gifted, and saw things others could not. This explains our 3D limited perceptions of that and Psychosis. I’ve had moments during my awakening where I questioned if I was going mad. It’s a scary feeling but I remind myself I’m here for the experience and to just go with it! That seems to help. My Son is a young Fireman and they are now very much focused on the dangers of sleep deprivation causing psychosis. My Nephew was a Fire Captain and committed suicide by stepping off of the highest bridge in San Diego. He had been on a 24 Day fire, with no sleep. This is a good reminder of the importance to eat well and get proper sleep.

  5. Thank you for the awesome video! I have a relative who has been going through an awakening for several years. There are times that it is quite overwhelming for him. He hears voices in his head and sees images and he cannot always discern whether he’s communicating with his guide or an entity because the entities will at times pretend to be his guide. He has recently started channeling, and he does not seem to be able to control or shut off any of these gifts when he wants. He has never sought out these gifts, he just has them. He’s able to work and function, but there are times when I can see him really struggling to remain grounded. He’s very spiritual and he meditates a lot. Any suggestions?

  6. Sometimes it’s a strong full moon triggering a psychosis. My mom went into psychosis on the full moon 5/5 2023 but she didn’t loose herself and this reality for more than 2 v weeks.

  7. Thanks for making this video. I canceled my membership awhile ago for financial reasons but bought the creator membership just for this month because you said you would release this video. I have schizophrenia and spent the first 10 years of it in psychosis. I new nothing of it when it first happened to me and it was quite scary. The voices and hallucinations weren’t random and a lot of them were spiritual. And I knew nothing of spirituality at the time. It took decades after learning about spirituality and mental illness afterwards to figure it all out. It’s not scientific proof but makes what I witnessed more believable that it was not random. It makes me think of the Shakespeare line there’s more under the heaven and the earth then can be dreamed of in your philosophy. I hope I can get more information from you because I find what you share quite useful. Thanks EA.

  8. This was such a good video! Thank you! Will there be a future topic on discernment? I think it would be really helpful to get some idea around how to figure out universal truth when getting downloads!

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