Thriving in your Business

  • July 2023

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This video discusses strategies for thriving in a business, with a focus on entrepreneurship. Elizabeth April highlights three main blockers that can hinder success: timing, direction, and energy blocks. They provide guidance on how to overcome these blockers, including the importance of establishing strong foundations, exploring different directions, and healing energetic issues. Elizabeth April also advises practicing gratitude, manifestation, and financial goal-setting to support business growth.

23 thoughts on “Thriving in your Business

  1. Omg I needed this right now! And it found me so THANK YOU for this video at this time and if you ever feel called to do a spiritual entrepreneur course! I’m TOTALLY in. 🫶

  2. Thank you so much for this and the other video. I wish I could get a session with you, EA. I have been a coach for a few years now and recently hit an abundance drought. I have done Akashic records work on the past lives and did have a relative who took a vow of poverty and I cleared it. But as far as the work on the promoting of my abilities and skills to heal people, for my coaching business…The more I do the less I manifest, recently. I have a block of some kind now and can’t figure out where it is and what to do about it. It has gotten pretty serious and affected my income for a couple months now. I would like to be taught how to do a couple things I would like to ask for you to teach me? Please?

  3. Thank you for the reminder!!! Sometimes I’m close to just throw the towel in and not give a damn about humanity since they ask for working together but later they don’t complete their part of their inner work.
    Than thinking of childhood I was told that I won’t be able to finish somethi g that I started or something is too much for me to deal with. I cleared a lot of it however, I see I have some crumbs to pick up and clear.

    Thank You!!! Right on time as always!!!

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