Finding Expression and Joy with your Inner Child 

  • April 2023

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This video discusses the importance of connecting with your inner child to find expression, joy, and abundance. Elizabeth April suggests two ways to connect with your inner child and shares personal experiences. They provide recommendations such as finger painting, dancing, singing, and playing with toys. The video emphasizes the need to let go of inhibitions and embrace playfulness in order to experience the benefits of connecting with your inner child.

23 thoughts on “Finding Expression and Joy with your Inner Child 

  1. ThankYOU EA ❤️ I pole dance regularly and love the mind body soul connection plus strength training all in one! ✨️👌🏻I love singing too.😆 Thanks to this video you helped me see that’s my happiness because my child self never had the space to do either.. and now I can freely anytime I want to, healing my inner child 🙌🏻🎉💓

  2. I call in my inner child to hug and love her, as I had so much trauma, sadness and violence from 0 to 19 years old, never happy, but I will call in my inner girl of mid 20s and early 30s to embody again the joy, courage and freedom I expressed at that age! Thank you EA for EVERYTHING ❤️✨

  3. I absolutely LOVE to run – most especially on trails. When I am flying through the trees and down hills I feel a childlike freedom – it’s truly ageless, I think – because I can always tap into that pure joy no matter how old I age. I just need to go fly through trees. I think my inner child really likes movement because being in motion brings me so much joy, regardless of the activity. I liked this video a lot EA – thanks!

  4. My inner child used to come out naturally, it would just spontaneously erupt at random times with partners, family and friends. A lot of them used to say, “your weird” but you could tell that they liked it and they were drawn to me because of it, curious as to how I could act that way as an adult. I have lost that in recent years. Thankyou EA for for reminding me to find my inner child again.

  5. Thanks EA for your insights about inner child work. I’ve connected with my Little Bobby often, and one of the things I learned is that we can ask him/her what he’d like to do/play – and when we get an answer, we can visualize doing that with him/her. I often play catch, frisbee, swim, etc. with my inner child. I also invite him to participate with me when I’m singing, playing guitar, watching a movie, etc. if he chooses to do so. The more I learn to parent my inner child, the better I’m able to be there for others.

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