Navigating the 3D 5D Transition as an Empath

  • March 2023

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This video focuses on how to navigate the transition from the old Earth to the new Earth as an empath. Elizabeth April shares practical tips for maintaining balance and energy in a realistic way. They discuss the importance of setting intentions, incorporating physical practices like bathing and journaling, and maintaining a high vibration in low vibrational environments. Elizabeth April also emphasizes the power of maintaining ones own vibration and not allowing others to bring it down. Overall, the video provides guidance for empaths to navigate the energetic shifts during this transitional period.

40 thoughts on “Navigating the 3D 5D Transition as an Empath

  1. It’s not all food that creates phlegm. It results from the body throwing out toxins. Thing is, most of the plant foods we eat are full of various antinutrients, or even just phytochemicals that our body has to throw out because it has no use for them. Even fruit has antinutrients, some not too many but some can be quite toxic too. But don’t take my word for it – try eating a meal with only good quality meat or eggs and you’ll notice there will be no phlegm at all. I’ve observed this so many times – only plant food triggers production of phlegm, only plant food makes my tonsils swell up, only plant food (plus pork and chicken) gives me hiccups (a sign that you’ve eaten something neurotoxic).

  2. Oh my goodness. Everything just clicked. Last year I was very high vibing and I was in a relationship with two kids. I was dancing with the kids to music because he made a rule no more tv (I know lame) so, I decided to not let it bother me and I started to just create fun with them and instead of being quiet we were laughing and dancing and having so much fun. He got pretty annoyed and started accusing me of things. I said I’m sorry you feel that way but I’m happy and the kids are happy we are having so much fun. So, he decided to start getting in my face for days on end and I just kept with a smile I’m not changing because everyone is happy and you are not. Then he started scaring me a little, so I had to try to lock myself in the room he pushed open the door and I felt threatened. So, I yelled get away from me get out of my face. And as soon as I did that he said YOURE DANGEROUS YOURE A THREAT TO THE KIDS. I’m like WHAT?? I just wanted you out of my face. He took the kids away to his grandparents down the street (they are nice people I didn’t want to scare the kids by fighting with him. 4 and 6yo). I left to let some steam blow over. He went to the court and told them I had mental health issues and I am a danger to my children. They instantly gave him emergency full custody without talking to me and he kicked me out. I was homeless with no kids, no dogs, and no personal items. ALL BECAUSE HE WAS THREATENED BY MY HIGH VIBRATION. Holy crap. I wasn’t my meek self he could just call names. Thank goodness he kicked me out hahaha. I’m soooo much happier and I have some custody of my kids. Still fighting with the low vibration court system. They believe everything he says so I’m trying to defend myself lol. So much fun. It’s been over a year. BE YOUR TRUE SELF DONT LET ANYONE TAKE AWAY YOUR SHINE 💙. Thanks EA that was a huge transformation for me.

  3. Hey EA- I think I know what’s happening with the eating/ plemghy thing you have going on. It sounds like acid reflux. Which can get exacerbated with pregnancy. Think baby pushing up on your stomach. And especially when eating citrus, dairy or spicy foods. Hope this helps shed some light ❤️

  4. Who me? I am the only one in this room so you must be talking to me. For rEAls. I am grateful for all of the opportunities to complete the same repeating scenario in all of its colorful displays. Rising above IS the completion of this loop and the avenue to remain in flow by opposing and continuing to oppose the drainage of energy.

  5. I love this video. I was that mama with two kids dancing in the kitchen and high vibing when my now ex husband would come home and be a grump ruining the vibe of the house. I eventually made the tough decision to leave him and it was the best decision I ever made, although he is trying to bring me down on a regular basis 3 years on.

    What a video to watch when I just upgraded to The Creator membership, i’m so happy I found you EA. My mission is an exciting one and I really feel you are going to supercharge it!! Thank you xx

  6. Amazing information to work with. Loved your college story so much!!! I appreciate all of your insight and feel because of the tools you are recommending I can clearly see what I need to focus on! Thank you xo

  7. This year, after giving up on all anger and living around people who many are 80 to 100 years old (Senior apt complex – I am only 72) I found I loved talking to everyone, smiling (I love being happy) and I found people wanting to be around me and more smiling and laughing. I had been thinking about changing my diet, my insulin usage (type 1 diabetes for 54 years) and exercising along with more and better meditations. But I didn’t quite start any of that
    In January I started using a Humidifier which somehow built up mold, so at night I was breathing mold. So in late Feb I lost all energy and then got pneumonia and so I stayed by myself for a week and a half until my daughter took me to Er.. There they discovered I had no oxygen and was close to death. So after 10 days in the hospital. Laughing, joking, talking to everyone, having fun, I cam home and in the last week plus I have made incredible changes and improvements in all those areas of my life. I live around people who believe differently than I do but I show them kindness, love, smiles, laughter and good feelings no matter who they are. and they come to me. So my changes are doing things that make me happy and let all around me feel my energy.

  8. It’s showing as available, but when I click to watch it’s a 10 second static “Coming Soon”. I apologize for my confusion, but isn’t today the Creator’s DL video drop? Thank you in advance for your patience with my question!

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