Past Life Imprinting & Karma

  • February 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of past life imprinting and its connection to karma. They explain that past life imprinting is the ability to experience lifetimes across the entire universe in order to learn from them. Elizabeth April also explores the pros and cons of imprinting and how it can affect our understanding of karma. They introduce the idea of a shift from the old 3D carmic system to a new 5D karma clearing system, which involves connecting to the consciousness grid of planet Earth to receive downloads and clear karma in a quantum way. Elizabeth April concludes by mentioning that they will explain how to connect to the consciousness grid in a future video.c

15 thoughts on “Past Life Imprinting & Karma

  1. Omg EA it’s actually insane how much activation and inspiration I receive from every single thing you share 🥹❤️ THANK YOU
    Sometimes I’ll watch like 3 or 4 videos in a row then I just pass the f out lolo my bodys like ok chill for a min let’s integrate this.
    I came across your online presence about a year ago and I’m just shocked at how much I’ve learned and deepened my awareness. I feel so blessed to have found such an amazing community ❤️ and just to realize the strength and power in unconditional love, many people are so scared right now with everything going on, it’s such a gift to be able to trust and have faith. I’m super excited to be able to share with others how beautiful life really is!! So much Love

  2. According to Psychologist Lorenz : Lorenz coined the concept of critical period – the window during which environment acts irreversibly upon the development of behavior. For Lorenz, the importance of imprinting was that it was itself an instinct.

  3. I hear you. As an individual unit of life, we are each capable of transmuting our own negative experiences by actualizing the recognition of learning the overall lesson of each repetitive cycle with a completion that we can then energetically provide for others through connecting consciously to the grid of planet earth to upload and help others learn lessons faster by sharing pathways to individually transmute, thus increasing the neutralization of all of these polarized repeating frequencies.

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