Cord Cutting Letters

  • July 2021

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In this video, the host discusses the importance of cord cutting, a process of releasing emotional attachments and negative energies. They provide a four-step cord cutting letter writing exercise, emphasizing the objective description of what happened, exploring the associated emotions, imagining a conversation that should have taken place, and concluding with forgiveness. The host advises burning the letter as a symbolic act of release, and encourages viewers to pay attention to how the letter burns for insights. They also ask viewers to share their experiences with cord cutting letters.

9 thoughts on “Cord Cutting Letters

  1. I knew I really needed to write a cord cutting letter…as I kept getting repeated messages from the Universe abiut doing so. Just…I had so much resistance to it! I repeatedly put it off for months! it was to release a negative relationship. However… I FINALLY just did it!…… And interestingly the way it burned….bits of paper kept “trying to escape”! I had to keep putting them back in the flame. Then … I got back inside and realised a whole page of the letter had missed the burning ceremony! So I had to go and burn that, too πŸ˜„ I did it barefoot. Have saged. Here’s to a fresh start. Thanks EA ! πŸ’›

  2. I wrote 4 letters today because it is a new moon today and I wanted to get this done and move on from these hurts. I ripped all of them up and put them in my fire pit together. They burned slowly (in 2 minutes) with a fair amount of smoke. This was the first time I had done any cord-cutting to release them energetically. I am not sure if I should have burned them together like I did but it did not occur to me until it was already done. I will be conscious of any changes in my life because of this action. Thank you for the video EA!

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