Channeling the Mysteries of Mt. Shasta

  • May 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses her experiences and interactions with different beings at Mount Shasta. She shares her encounters with a mysterious being and explores the purpose of their interactions. She also discusses the significance of Mount Shasta as a gateway for interdimensional beings and the importance of connecting with the Earths energy. Elizabeth April delves into the ancient knowledge and wisdom held within the mountain, as well as its role as a safe haven and a place of activation for the future. The video addresses questions about the presence of subterranean civilizations and the exploration of Mount Shasta.

66 thoughts on “Channeling the Mysteries of Mt. Shasta

  1. How adorable the two of you together.

    Mt Shasta played a huge role in my life.
    The way you describe the white, tall being is similar to an experience I had when I was up there sometime around 2005. Of course, it was at night, and it seemed as if it had like… no social graces. You know like kinda came but not so much invited, and I felt like they were trying on my skin or something.
    At the time most of my experiences were just with the Sasquatch energies who greeted me with such a warm, fuzzy, grounding, loving safe, protective, warm, hug, feeling. But this white thing was a cold insect like prickly so I shooed it away. But I did get the impression that they were like “ Hey this is our mountain, and we come to inspect and interact.”

    I think that experience is what made it challenging for me to realize until this year – that at the highest level these are all my other selves.

    I think my ego can relate more to the Sasquatch big teddy bear energy. 😂🤗

    I live on Kauai but was fascinated to see I was in the Shasta area May 2023. I’ve often been told by Spirit ( when I complain of having to leave my paradise island ) that our physical bodies resonating on different locations play a role we may not entirely understand but it’s an important part or our role on this earth. Just please don’t tell me I have to go to a city. I’m too sensitive, maybe one day I’ll be able to bob above it, until then, nature nature nature.

  2. One of my favourite videos so far! Your dad is awesome, EA – how does he feel about spiritually adopting people without awesome dads? 😂

    I’ve never even heard of mt Shasta before this, so it was such a joy to learn and hopefully visit it someday soon.

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