Battle of Buckingham Palace

  • July 2021

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In the video titled Battle of Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth April explains their mission to take down the portal or control system that the Royal family has had their hands around. They discuss the participation of angelic forces and reptilian rebel movements in the battle. Elizabeth April guides the viewers through a meditation and protection measures before the battle begins. The video details the intense battle, with the angelic forces and rebel reptilians fighting against the dark reptilian forces protecting the portal. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high vibration and transmuting the portal into light. They mention the rescue of children trapped underneath Buckingham Palace and the need for their souls to cross over. The battle concludes with the portal transmuting into pure white light frequency.

2 thoughts on “Battle of Buckingham Palace

  1. WoW! That was better than a Super Hero movie. For real! I’m pretty sure I saw everything even though I participated while driving my car. Now that is multitasking. Driving and going into battle at Buckingham Palace. So vivid. BTW, my primary light weapon is an energetic wave of unconditional love. I hurl it like a bowling ball or a sidearm softball pitch.

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