Awakening to New Psychic Abilities

  • October 2022

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In this video titled Awakening to New Psychic Abilities, Elizabeth April discusses the symptoms and experiences associated with developing psychic and spiritual abilities. They emphasize that everyone has psychic abilities and provides insights on common misconceptions and blocks that people may encounter. Elizabeth April also shares advice on how to overcome blocks and expand psychic gifts safely. They discuss telepathy, overwhelm, psychic attacks, and the importance of grounding. Additionally, they recommend dedicating time to focus on specific psychic abilities and encourage community engagement to share experiences and ask questions.

One thought on “Awakening to New Psychic Abilities

  1. Good explanation helping me change my perception of what’s going on I’m to impatient I gotta chill calm my mind and then go with the flow I’m to d*mn eager I’ll come back to this video when I’m overwhelmed thanks Lauren for the suggestion to this video

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