Entrepreneur & Business Foundations

  • July 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the foundations of starting and building a successful business, with a focus on entrepreneurship. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of having clear intentions and a defined audience. They also highlight the value of utilizing the internet to promote and grow a business. Elizabeth April shares personal experiences and offers advice on factors such as branding, pricing, and learning the ins and outs of ones own business. They encourage viewers to be patient and proactive in their entrepreneurial journey

31 thoughts on “Entrepreneur & Business Foundations

  1. Wow this video was exactly what I needed right now, I am currently working as a full time Crane operator, I travel all over Canada for work. A couple of years ago I found an interest in sacred geometry. One symbol in particular really peeked my interest, called Sri Yantra.
    I am a researcher of knowledge at my core, so I read books about this image and how it was divinely revealed to humanity thousands of years ago. It is associated to the Hindu goddess Tripura Sundari and so began my phase of drawing Yantras and chanting. Needless to say what came to fruition for me was a whole new style of Yantra that I absolutely love creating.I build them on cedar boards and use epoxy resin to incorporate copper and crystals into them. My purpose for making them is to assist people in reaching whole brain coherence. As staring into these images activates both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously.
    I build them in my crane or in camp, where I stay while away at work, and then give them away. My only issue with giving them away is that I am giving them to people who donโ€™t understand what it is for or how to properly use it, they just love how beautiful they are and want to hang them on a wall.
    This job I am on now ends in October, so Iโ€™ve given my tenant at home, in Calgary
    3 months notice, so I can build a business in my basement.
    My plan so far is to not only build these yantras, but to eventually build entire meditation rooms for people in their homes. I am so excited, even tho I really donโ€™t know what the future will hold, I do know that whatever divine spark helped steer me in this direction will continue to help steer me towards success.
    Also after recently having an akashic records reading, by a lady who bought one of my yantras, I met her through a mutual friend, and when she contacted me because she wanted another one, instead of selling her one I traded her one for the reading, I discovered that I absolutely love writing guided meditations. Iโ€™ve always loved writing and when part of the akashic records reading included reading a page long affirmation out loud for 21 days, the idea to record it on my phone and listen to it with my eyes closed came to me the first time I sat down to read it. When I heard my own voice back i was surprised at how hypnotic my voice was, so I looked into
    โ€œ how to create your own guided
    meditationsโ€ on Udemy. I wrote an entire guided meditation around that page long affirmation and recorded it using the Audacity program and listened to it for 21 days and wow did I ever grow from that!
    So now another aspect of my business is going to be recording guided meditations for my website. I have a website up and running however until I am fully invested in that business Iโ€™m not selling any yet because Iโ€™m not home enough to take and distribute orders.
    I am definitely interested in any other content or courses you offer that is similar to this video. Every video Iโ€™ve watched of yours resonates deeply with me and I look forward to following and learning more from you. Thank you so very much

  2. Powerful and insightful tips and suggestions. I especially liked the part where you talk about what the internal doubt attracts. I can see how this is helpful. Also, thank you for sharing things about how you started and grew. Also, for what is worth, I would be open and receptive to you having your one to one sessions again.

  3. Thank you!! I am at a stage where I kept thinking about what I wanted my next steps to look like. I love the reminder to nurture the talents I have an let it unfold into what it will be. I’m still unsure but working on allowing, I’m opening myself up to trusting the process more every day. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™

  4. I listened this morning and love the information.
    I have had a crystal and custom essential oil blend business 2.5 years.
    I have grown this as a senior citizen who was told I was dying. Healing myself and awakening has given me access again to my โ€œold soulโ€.
    I find your information about what my niche is valuable and also the part about people on the verge of awakening (not exact words you used). I see all kinds of people who are not truly open to change or growth.
    My favorite thing is emotional vibration because I struggled with it to the point of becoming very ill. Loving life feels so good.

  5. Wow I feel total that way that no body or anyone even on my level of understanding , I feel like I’ve wondered around helping spreading love and help as I can but then instantly putting my Hoodie back on going neutral so the dark won’t notice my light energy . Our light is an amazing thing and awesome thing when we awaking other light fighters that are surrounded by dark. Ive learned to be care full with light we have , the dark high ones are searching for us to demolish our light our kind because we disrupt there plan but the more of us light fighters that awaking there will be no need to have the Hoodie on anymore just knowing another high rankkng light fighter like you is here and awaked Getz me excited , just remember if your in a dark room and you light a lighter the light shines far threw out the room , but as the flame starts to go out the dark soon takes over the room till there no light left., you can Look me up I give u permission to see who I really am .. it’s good to hear a familiar voice and feel that energy … …. . . . 5 -5- 5 …. . .

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