Who is Your Inner Child?

  • April 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of the inner child and its importance in personal growth and healing. They describe how traumatic experiences can cause a fragmentation within us, and how reconnecting with our inner child can help restore joy, creativity, and laughter in our lives. Elizabeth April encourages viewers to make a statement of readiness to reconnect with their inner child and pay attention to the opportunities that arise for childlike expression. They also mention the benefits of laughter and suggest exploring the Surprise Me feature on their website for further guidance.

33 thoughts on “Who is Your Inner Child?

  1. I write letters to my child self telling her she’s safe and taking away all the pain/trauma, & sadness from that little girl.💗
    Also because I don’t have access to a fire living in a building (id rather fire but dont want to set off the alarm) I actually drown the letters in a bath….WATCHING the words bleed on the paper is actually SO relaxing/releasing with some candles/sage.✨️🧘🏼‍♀️
    & sometimes I just rip it up into very small pieces. Ou maybe I should start drowning the letters in the ocean 🌊 as I’m soo close to lots of bodies of water & LOVE nature, hmm 🤔😆

    I also do a visual meditation. Imagining a cord from my now self to my child self connected. Then I do the same as writing a letter tell her she’s loved, put her in a bubble of protection, send her happiness, strength and telling her “it’s okay to put that down it was never yours to carry..” 🥰

    ThankYOU EA ❤️

  2. What about if we are very childlike in life? Not childish like immature but childlike. I am really like that but then i find challenges in my outer invironment because people think there is something wrong with me beacuse i like kids stuff and activities.

  3. The inner child is yourself right? ♡♡♡… Its seems more you than the “look at me im so serious-now you” …it takes time to merge into it from my experience, like adding soul fragments or i had help with being shown things from these beings. (Mine came with extra important things like learning the mum connection on a crazy high way and im still not maxed out!! (*Also the max level inner child is the sperm, that is the only most pure level a mum accepts into her pure being too right? , yeah its deep, and to think that cute mofo sperm ~mr wiggle literally is gonna get the mum) Lol i just got funny looks or kinda from this asian mum with cute kid, didnt get the depth of when i said you are as 1 with your baby (english wasnt her main language it could be at least that) man this high aware stuff just does not translate well, even to most of you peeps, its so fricken makes me look wėird otherwisē. Damn im even more alien with this awareness. I get you just cant teach or explain to someone to be vegetarian right? I guess thats the example to use. Oh Hey i hope you guys are at least vegetarian? Common! pls its so easy and obvious přetty please.. lol ♡♡♡ p.s. (everyone hometeach!! Seriously stop this mess in its tracks, those “schools”(yeah right) will seriously mess up your kids ☆☆☆ with compassion baby!!

  4. Ugh havn’t committed yet to awakener but EA talks to my soul and is elevating the crap out of me. I will, I can’t wait to hear what she is saying about inner child. So…. My inner child spoke to me the other day. She gave me a message. I guess you could say it was validating what I’m experiencing now but with words I wouldn’t have chosen which made it even more validating and insightful. Pretty sure I actually spoke to myself as the innocent beautiful and powerful being iam/ she is. Amazing. Powerful. Life is hard. Inner child helps. She told me (and demonstrated) to squash my demons with her Xmas patent leather shoe 😂😍 she literally said she couldn’t wait until I squashed him. She also told me that she always knew I was going to be hunted. I never would have used those words. Don’t know if this message is relevant but it feels good to share ♥️

  5. Hi everyone! Thought I would share how I connect with my inner child..
    I’ve found it easier to connect after having my own kids. What I do to instantly bring me back to that childhood flow state: swing on our swing set, pumping feet & going as high as I can; making paths in the woods with borders from fallen trees/limbs; I’m building a teepee with my family; coloring (anything); make oobleck; do cartwheels in the yard; climb trees; make sandcastles at the beach; sit in the sand & let the water crash onto my legs; try to PogoStick, even tho I feel like I may die each time🤣; slumber parties on the living room floor with my kids & actually sleep there all night; …& many more super fun, laughter-inducing activities. I wish we could attach pictures or videos to our comments, because I would share the path leading to the teepee- it’s so enchanting 💞💞💞

  6. I’ve been working on my inner child with a shaman from New Zealand. According to this woman, the inner child includes the playful child, the shadow child, the karmic child, the ego child, etc. As an older male, I learned when I was young that it wasn’t okay for a man to really feel – other than anger – or to cry. So this work has helped me begin to feel my real feelings without suppressing them. I’ve even begun to cry more than I ever have my entire life, and that is so freeing. I invite my inner child, whom I call Little Bobby, to participate with me whatever I’m doing. As EA stated, it’s always a work in progress. I still have a long way to go before I totally recognize what I’m feeling and to remember to process it through the inner child and safely release it.

  7. This is really important information because I had been thinking lately that maybe I needed to focus more on what I want to create and manifest and stop looking to the past to heal these things because maybe it was just bringing me down or distracting me from what I want to move forward to. Good to know, thank you

  8. My inner child is alive and well. She likes to sing and dance like no one is watching or listening or play air guitar and/or drums when they are. I freak people out, even my parents wonder wtf sometimes or sometimes they just laugh. My number one thrill is bouncing bouncy balls inside and out-of-doors. Watch out world, I am who I am.

    1. my 2 pence… first it would be valuable to go back for trauma work and healing AND (parallell) express what children always want to express, maybe what you would have wanted then and didnt get, did you want to go to disneyland but couldnt? go to disneyland now! play it out like you re inner child would have wanted it be and set an intention to enjoy it – healing is always possible <3

  9. I am so excited for this video. I decide last month that I am going to major in my inner child until I get her integrated. Then you announced this video was coming and my soul got so excited for the synchronicity💫!
    Blessed Be

  10. I am so happy that this video came along when it did!
    in March I was gifted a reading from a friend, and almost everything tied into the fact that my inner child had been severed/fragmented away from me. A bit theme was about how it was time now for me to reconnect with my inner child and all the gifts that the inner child held that I could not access due to having so many peices of soul cut off from me.
    So I am super excited for the activities this month! And so aligned that this is the month that EA posted this. Thank you 🙏

  11. I was in afternoon frustrated and started to thinking about why i can’t be happy and laugh, started to gratitude toward myself and loving myself and then came here and like always got surprise that how fast i got my answer manifest , no where else i can get this much of synchronization in frequency.

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