The Energy of 2024

  • December 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses what to expect in 2024, including a transition between the old and new Earth at a collective and individual level. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of listening to signs and messages around us and making necessary changes. They also mention the possibility of financial upheaval and a shift towards infinite abundance in 2024. Elizabeth April anticipates environmental changes and glitches in the matrix as we transition to a new Earth frequency. They encourage individuals to anchor in possibilities and prepare for the changes ahead.

47 thoughts on “The Energy of 2024

  1. As usual, loved it. Perhaps, and it is only a guess, maybe confliction could be a combination of conflict and transition. Anyway, appreciate the information, insight and guidance. Thank you.

  2. I really appreciate your perspective and insights. I follow a lot of people including David Wilcock, Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, and others and I always find it interesting how you don’t research your information and how it mostly aligns with what others are saying from their perspective in this transition. I have felt a different energy of lately as if 2024 has a lot of possibility coming. For me I’ve been feeling β€œstuck” in my sales job where it feels like the people are not quite aligned with who I want to be or where I see humanity going. I’ve been getting called to go back to architecture but am not sure where to start. Any thoughts on where architecture will be going in the future?

  3. Great content per usual. I also got to use my notes option for the first time πŸ™Œ Quick question – I’m checking for the Creators Video but don’t see it yet. Is it a glitch on my end?

    1. If you are a creator member, try to open the video link in the Incognito browser. If you still encounter the same issue kindly chat us at the website so we can help you further.

  4. Ahh the confirmations πŸ₯° I get them A LOT from your videos. I was offered a horse coaching program based on reintegration from burnout. Wasn’t ready for it yet, but very recently I thought that 2024 would be the perfect time to start… Besides, I feel that it is going to be something very special and emotional. Scared and curious at the same time. Fortunately, the latter always wins.. So yeehaw I guess XD Let’s gooo! πŸŽπŸ’–
    Thank you

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