Draw Your Aura With Me!

  • October 2023

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In this video, the host guides viewers through an exercise to draw their aura. The host explains the materials needed and encourages viewers to tap into their energy and intuition while drawing. They discuss the connection between colors and chakras, but emphasize that interpretations may vary. The host encourages viewers to sit with their drawings and explore any energies or intentions that arise. The video concludes with a preview of future activities.

27 thoughts on “Draw Your Aura With Me!

  1. Such a fun exercise! Thank you EA! Also, I recently listened to Amanda Ellis, who works with color therapy, and she said that the chakra colors are changing. Found that to be very interesting.

  2. I love this activity! I love art and all kinda of creative expression, I have never been so excited to do art work with anyone. . As you were saying get the colours and paper and get ready I remembered a memory as a child when I was in art class it was my favourite class and I used to always do the best art, no matter what it was, drawing, coming up with ideas, being completely radical with my art it was the best feeling when I was in art class I felt so seen and I used shine so much.
    After I turned 8 my life was completely destroyed but I’m grateful for every moment of my existence
    As was getting the colour pencils next my white paper making them all organised and ready I was so happy I felt the same feeling as I did when I was I think 6 years old, this is so beautiful
    As I draw the human body I was completely tuned in and I felt home and so present in the moment it felt so right.
    I saw lots of and lots of yellow gold/colours around me, it was so shiny and sparkly, pulsing, it sounded like a bee hive to me I never felt like this before this is so strange to me but I felt alive I also saw more of the gold yellow colour in my solar plexus like a round ball but it was shining like the sun.
    Before I watched the video I finished my workouts and I did a really difficult workout , I felt extremely powerful and I had a massive realisation about something I have being trying to understand it for years and I was really happy that finally I understood.
    This would definitely strengthen my intuition from now on. So grateful for this moment, Thank you EA

  3. 1st Thank you for the knowledge as always. 2nd I am amazed, amused , no I just expect every video put out to coincide with my intuitive decisions of what I need to focus on and work that needs to be done to clear karma, negative energies and physical ailments. Only a few days ago I have started to dive deep into chakra and aura
    work for some pains popping up. This video pops up. The last 5 days or so my life just fell apart, lol now, but the explanation came a few days ago in the great reveal video? Before that I had been dealing with Authenticity being authentic etc. Boom video comes out No joke every video is a sign to me that I am where I need to be! I was brought to this specific community, EA’s before I knew what a star seed was. Don’t doubt , the universe does know your needs. Love to all!

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