The Elemental Realm 

  • November 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the elemental realm and its purpose. They explain that the elemental realm exists in the fourth dimension frequency and can be physical or non-physical. Elizabeth April provides examples such as Bigfoot and fairies to illustrate the interaction between the fourth dimension and the physical reality. They also mention how the elemental realm on Earth has become more ethereal as humanity has fallen in vibration. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of connecting with nature to connect with the elemental realm and discusses their own experiences with elemental beings. They express a hope that in the future, humans will be more open and respectful towards the elemental realm.

80 thoughts on “The Elemental Realm 

  1. LOVE LOVE ! =) I also love how information you provide (energy boundaries etc) is similar tips are other teachers like my medium ! i say it often but SOOO happy to find EA & the community !! First time i truly feel “normal”


  2. Hi Admin. I have Awakener subscription and cannot watch. I get a pop-up to “would you like to upgrade subscription”. I choose “maybe later” but i cant watch more than a few minutes of video and i happens again. How can this be fixed? Thanks!

  3. I am very interested in the elemental realm. By the way, you raised a good point about the probability they would be hunted. Granted, like you said, they could not escape the planet on a spaceship, but if they allowed themselves to be visible in the third dimension, couldn’t they make themselves invisible by being in their fourth dimensional realm? Anyway, loved the video. Please feel free to have more videos about the elemental realm. I am looking forward to watching the Creator download about the elemental realm. Thank you.

  4. Two summers ago I would meditate by this big tree by the river and look or the 7 chakra colors. Upon opening my eyes seen a white orb going up and down(thanks now I know that’s elemental-4th dimension tapping). My sister and cousin catch orbs and fairies sometimes through camera. I heard an angelicvoice one time saying “how are you” after grounding my feet in the sand in that same river. I have a better respect for the elemental beings as itry and intend on living in peace with all beings regardless of my human tendencies. Thank you. Peace to all.

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