What is the Old Earth 3D?

  • March 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the old Earth versus the new Earth and the downfall of the old Earth frequency. They explain that the old Earth systems were based on toxic masculinity, control, and money, with elements like sex trafficking feeding into this system. Elizabeth April also touches on the representation of humans in the old Earth and the need to transition from the old Earth reality to the new Earth frequency. They emphasize the importance of awareness, balance within the matrix, and working towards a more unified and equal world.

16 thoughts on “What is the Old Earth 3D?

  1. But Queen Elizabeth was a human body controlled by a reptilian soul. Maybe adrenochrome has a positive effect on reptilians, but according to the science the effect on humans doesn’t seem to be too good, and doesn’t prolong their life.

  2. I am aware of how in Quebec they are forcing people to speak French or else. And I am also aware of how the Inuit People have been treated in Canada and still to this day…but it bothers me that here they ask constantly ask what breed is your dog, what is your age, what is your gender, what is your race, ethnicity…I don’t even answer all the time. So, it IS everywhere, unfortunately, so we have to see it all so we can help change it.

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