The Soul Behind Your Pet 

  • August 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the various purposes and roles of pets in our lives. They explain that pets can serve as comic relief, guardians, or teachers of karmic lessons. Elizabeth April also shares personal experiences and insights about pets crossing over to the other side. They mention that some pets may be interdimensional beings or even potential souls who chose to come into our lives as animals instead of humans. Elizabeth April encourages viewers to reflect on their own experiences with pets and share their thoughts in the comments.

99 thoughts on “The Soul Behind Your Pet 

  1. My dog is my absolute world, she is my soul mate and it terrifies me that I will be without her one day, I’m grateful for every moment I get with her.
    She is all of those things, she is a guardian and possibly one of my guides, she is in the place of children as my health took that away from me. She is comedic, she’s super smart and I trained her as my assistance dog, but she can be absolutely dumb at times. She has saved me many times over. I will never feel for another being of any kind the way that I feel for my Lollybear. She’s blind now and has other health issues so we both have health issues. She was moved from person to person as a pup and I decided she wasn’t going to go through that again.

    I have cats, 1 I love and I’m not really sure of his purpose in my life, I don’t spend much time with him, he is such a sweet boy.

    I also took in a disabled cat, he drives me mad! I don’t have a connection with him, he makes my life more complicated, but I took him on and he is with me, I don’t really know why, but I want the best for him all the same, as I do with all living beings.

  2. One of my dogs Baigee, has been a healer for my wife and helped her so much. She’s 20 years now. I met her soul in Varanasi and she told me she would come. Because we have decided not to have a kid, she came as a healer dog. What you’re saying would confirm that. Now a newer one, totally different, more like an old soul and he is teaching me so much. Real fun Pointer brand dog one, full-on energy, totally different.

  3. Thank you for this video. It pretty much validated things I’ve felt for a long time. About 4 years ago I adopted a cat for my step daughter who was about 19 at the time. This cat is not a cat. That’s what we say. He’s an old soul. You can see him thinking when we talk to him. Now he looks scared most of the time and he hates being picked up. But having said that I’ve been around cats for 54 years and am kind of known as the cat lady and I have never seen anything like this cat before. Sometimes its spooky the way his expressions look human. We joke and say he is an alien. Also, I moved to another state and he stayed with my step daughter. I did not let on that I was absolutely CRUSHED because this has been my favorite cat. He is comedic relief but he’s also highly intelligent. When you ask him a question, he looks off to the side like he has to think about it. Spooky! My other cat that I have had 11 years I believe to be a healer and possibly a guardian. She is very protective of me. I call her my child too. 🙂

  4. My ENT confirmed that my dog correctly flagged ear infections every single time, he also instinctively flagged infections, tumours, and cancer in other animals and in people. He passed a year ago, it was so hard to say goodbye, it’s true. Incredible dog, I hope he comes back as another dog soon!

  5. A dog came into our life, we didn’t plan it but there was this puppy that came literally out of nowhere and had no place to go, so we took it. She’s weird looking , about 3 distinctive breeds in her(German shepherd, husky, Australian cattle), she never liked to be petted, sit on sofa by you or God forbid sleeping in a bed! 😄 but she was always very protective (from a far) , vigilant, smart, hunter, never liked company of other dogs 🤷‍♀️ she was/is like in her world, where humans are acceptable but not necessarily required (other then food/water of course) she is now 16!!! Years old , her days are coming to end, but she outlived many friends dogs and even family members! Tinta will be always the strangest dog ever 💓
    We have another dog that was my choice only, went to shelter, saw him and I knew I have to take him (he wasn’t planned AT ALL) . And I have crazy connection with him , he’s a protector for sure and just total opposite of Tinta.
    And recently we have kitten, the connection is being established 😁 I’m not a cat person 🤦‍♀️

  6. I resonate with that and I think my doggies have been a mix of a few of those. A psychic told me I’d have 2 kids and after having my daughter I knew I was done with children. But I had my baby boy dog first. He was definitely an old soul. His journey in this lifetime was so extreme, he had 5 owners and a lot of trauma to overcome. He sends me signs all the time he’s still here with me. Dogs who don’t like people or the owner will be surprised their dog wants to come say hi and a Pat from me and I always think that’s Toby watching over me. I miss him every day.

  7. Super interesting about the child soul coming through a pet. I was told years ago there was a child that wanted to come through (something to that effect) however I’ve not wanted children since I was a teenager but for the past 19 years I’ve had a several dogs over that period, so now that child thing makes more sense.

  8. I’ve been told our family dog is here for my soul purpose which is totally true, but, she is a guardian dog. She has helped my son when he was young and in a very low place at the age of 11 years, she helped to bring him up and looked after him day and night. He is well on the way to much happier times now xx

  9. I definitely have a guardian dog. And he’s for sure not just a dog. He’s extremely intelligent, he says a lot with his eyes and he doesn’t leave me when I’m sick. Also, everyone says he looks like Yoda. The coolest thing that happened with him is he sensed when I had a kundalini experience. He put his head on my leg right when I felt energy rising up my spine. Such an amazing dog!

  10. I use to train dogs and worked with a pit rescue,that rescue dogs from underground fighting clubs…. Surprisingly a lot of the dogs are completely fine or have little issues to overcome with a little bit of training. Then you have the ones who will bite anything that looks or smells wrong really… they are called Red Lined dogs..and that means there is no hope for rehabilitation and they are put down immediately. (I don’t believe this and have proved this to be wrong many times but I am interested to know about this category of Dogs…

  11. This video is great! My dog who passed, from what you describe, fitted into 2 categories: karmic lessons and as a guardian, in both assignments, for each of my family members. I knew when he was alive that he was a likely human soul, because he had a very complicated set of tasks!

  12. You’re telling me the reason why my mom’s dog will not s*** outside is because it’s teaching me a lesson or clearing my karma or something like mind blown right now and it kind of feel like an a****** because you know you yelled the animal you keep trying to make and do the thing you wanted to do and what hear the whole time it was never supposed to do that thing and it’s just like hey I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do man and you’re just like now go outside damn you

  13. What about an animal who is overprotective? Or more specifically, my cat who likes literally no one, aside from my daughters who come over.
    Often at first, she’s okay with people…but then will flip on them and hiss or meow in a mean way, in about a 5 or 10 minute time span.
    It’s challenging for me because she literally makes people uncomfortable and not want to be around her or visit with me.
    Is she protecting me…or more importantly and very seemingly unhappy herself and projecting some sort of anxiety or fear onto others who come into our space?
    Is this a protector or is there something else going on making her feel the need to keep everyone away from me
    Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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