Anxiety & Depression in Starseeds

  • June 2023

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In this video, the creator discusses anxiety and depression in Starseeds. They explore the reasons why these mental health issues are prevalent, such as feeling disconnected from this world and being sensitive to the energetic world. The video suggests raising ones vibration through gratitude and appreciation as a key solution for depression. For anxiety, the creator advises grounding techniques, protecting oneself energetically, and being mindful of boundaries. The video emphasizes that while pharmaceuticals can be helpful in some cases, raising ones vibration is the primary solution.

37 thoughts on “Anxiety & Depression in Starseeds

      1. Describe a Color to someone who has never been able to see it. I think we experience it to overcome it and guide people along the way. I tend to attract people who are going through the same that I was going through in the past:)
        Also we also want to experience humanity in all different aspects

  1. My daughters are both suffering with anxiety and depression. For my 16 year old who is typically very chill, although highly sensitive and empathic, is experiencing overwhelming anxiety over the past few months. My 19 year old has suffered with extreme anxiety for a long time and is also highly sensitive and empathic. I too am highly sensitive and empathic and it is very energetically exhausting for me to support both of them lately. Im so drained that I am having a hard time being effecient and keeping my own energy levels up. Its just been a lot lately. How can I suport my daughters and also honor my own energetic cycles? My husband too is highly sensitive and empathic but very projectile and doesn’t have a good handle on his own emotions especially when he gets triggered like my 19 year old with his energy where my 16 year old and I are more internal.

  2. I have finally been breaking free of the anxiety prison I have put myself in. I hold the key and I’m free when I allow myself to be. Thank you for always helping me step in to my power and take control of my life. So much love for you EA

  3. I have a question about antidepressants. I am taking two antidepressants and and anxiety medication. I tried to just stop taking all off them and felt horrible so started taking again and emailed psychiatrist about weaning me off the medications. I’m curious if anyone has had an easy time stopping antidepressants

  4. Always reading my soul, when I need it most. Never been more depressed, ever . I do love my crystals & sage! Unfortunately had such bad experiences with medicine 💊 😕 😪 great tips !! – glad to not feel alone. ThankYOU EA ❤️

  5. ThankYOU EA & her team ! <3 I've recently got on depressants age 30. I was so against them and have SO many natural remedies I use. The dark just got too dark so I tried, and I think it may have been the best decision I made in a long time. I still cry and feel but I'm much more "stable" is the best way I can say. I've been suffering my entire life so if anyone is wondering, take the leap and try meds. You are in way more control than it may seem, like lowering or using the dose. I someday know I wont need meds but for now they help. ThankyYOU EA for having all points of view and no judgement, new things can be hard as we all know!

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