Mindfulness Self Check-In

  • May 2023

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In this video titled Mindfulness Self Check-In, Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of being mindful and provides practical tips on incorporating mindfulness into daily life. They discuss finding moments of awareness throughout the day, such as during drives or while cooking, and suggest ways to clear unresolved energy and karma. Elizabeth April encourages self-reflection and checking in with oneself emotionally, physically, and in life overall. The goal is to bring harmony and alignment by addressing disharmonic energies and providing oneself with what is needed.

46 thoughts on “Mindfulness Self Check-In

  1. Was directed to this video by some guidance I’m still learning about as awaken more and more.am at work not able to focus with too much waiting time for parts and so forth.was creating a plan in my head to fix my focus before I was directed here.thank you for all you do.trying to get back in touch with the me i supressed long ago.

  2. Thank you, EA! Great timing on this video & a solid reminder for us to ‘check in’ with ourselves on a regular basis. Sending much love & gratitude for you & this great community 🌎❤️

  3. Did you see the little orb (or maybe a fly or something else) at 19:17 in your video? You were talking about shaken energy. It is on the left side of the screen above your right hand, I had to play it back to see if it was a fly or bug. Still looked like an orb. Also, where do you do your journal videos? Very valuable info EA. Thank you, and much Love!!

  4. Hey everyone! 😊🫂 The way EA talked about mindfulness brought me back to the previous video of EA and her father. She mentioned we can see everything happening for a reason. For example, she said a pen dropping on the floor could mean something if we really wanted it to or looked into it deeply. So if we are aware in a certain way, then we would be able to discern the likelihood of something having a deep meaning or a simple purpose. EA always has great information to share.

  5. I just feel the shift. If you pay attention to what is going on with your body and your mindset etc, you will notice that there are major differences from day to day in the way that you are thinking, for example, things that you gravitated towards for years, you won’t even give it any thought. The negativity, will dissolve, relationships will change. Essentially the list is quite amazing. Lots of love 💕

  6. Thank you. I’ve been knowing for a long time that I need to check in with myself more and listen but now I’m realizing that I didn’t actually know how to do that. So thanks for explaining that. And you’re looking beautiful as always

  7. Thank you for the mindfulness!! I find it difficult to journal. What you mention about writing down a sentence while already being fifty sentences ahead resonates. Watching you go through your mindfulness steps was of tremendous value – thank you so much!!!

  8. you are so wonderful and i am so grateful to be here. thank you for your teachings. i am so grateful for you! your teachings are so valuable and helpful. i needed to hear this. as always you are right on time. lots of homework.. but the best kind. <3

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