What is Astral Traveling?

  • August 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses remote viewing and astral traveling. They explain that remote viewing is the process of getting out of your body and being aware of where youre going in the physical realm, while astral traveling involves traveling and exploring in the astral realm. Elizabeth April also shares personal experiences and insights about the ability of all living things, including trees and crystals, to astral travel. They also discuss their own experiment of stepping into the body of other individuals temporarily. The video emphasizes the importance of awareness while out of the body and the potential benefits of learning to travel in the astral realm.

11 thoughts on “What is Astral Traveling?

  1. I have been psychically read without permission by surprise and it was very violating. I am capable of doing this too but I try not to read anyone without consent. Though sometimes it’s hard because I can straight up just read people whether they like it or not. Especially when their energy is so ugly and it’s affecting me in a bad way, I can’t not say anything about it! I try to use my gifts for the good of all, like you. But all your videos are just validating my own experiences with psychic abilities and I love it.

  2. Wholy crap! This video is incredible! Im in shock there are no more comments about this. They way you opened up! Extremely grateful for this. This is the kind of information that is rarely shared and when someone does share it I always end up with a “creepy” feeling. Like those people are creepy. The way they express it, but you, you are always so balanced in everything you do. You are so extremely “normal”, so balanced, so human, and then this….wow. Thank you

  3. I wouldn’t feel bad about jumping bodies for a sec, EA! It’s kinda endearing bc it’s totally your curious human being human. 😀 Like taking the fast Lambo for a spin on a private racetrack once, just once, to see what it can do. 👽

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