Are YOU Chronically Suffering?

  • July 2021

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses chronic illness and chronic pain, offering a spiritual perspective on the subject. She explains that chronic suffering may come from past lifetimes and that individuals who experience it are hypersensitive to energies. Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and releasing this suffering, noting that individuals may perpetuate their own pain by taking on the suffering of others. She concludes by encouraging viewers to seek her assistance for personalized guidance in overcoming chronic suffering.

3 thoughts on “Are YOU Chronically Suffering?

  1. Please reach out 2Me My Dear One. I need answers and guidance. I remember being in a place of Light n being told it was time for me to come back and finish my MISSION on Earth. I didn’t want to come back but had no choice and was told I’d have EVERYTHING I ever wanted. Then I was born and I remember that to. Please msg me ASAP, I’d like a Full Double Session. Thank You My Dear One;) Much Love and Light 2U;)

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