Am I a Cult Leader? New Age – Cults & Conspiracy

  • July 2022

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In this video, the host discusses the topic of cults and reflects on whether they could be considered a cult leader in the new age and spiritual field. They explore the characteristics of cults and the importance of questioning beliefs. The host also shares their fundamental beliefs, including the idea that everyone is powerful, psychic, and a hybrid being. They emphasize the importance of freedom and self-empowerment in spirituality. The video encourages viewers to embrace their role as both students and teachers on their spiritual journey.

3 thoughts on “Am I a Cult Leader? New Age – Cults & Conspiracy

  1. Hi I have never thought this content as an occult I’ve always believed an occult as hiding true intentions thru fear and control and my gut feeling about EA never had me question that 1 thing I do question is how can I be the first to comment on this website about this video am I that far behind nobody wanted or felt the need to comment I’m alone so far in this comment section I know people made when this was released just from watching it it’s the first I’ve seen it anyway I want to do the 8 week course when the time comes I’ll voice one concern to see if there’s a video to watch to be sure I might not have that concern when the time comes 😀

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