Activations For Light Warriors

  • July 2021

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In this video, Elizabeth April shares personal experiences of anxiety and physical discomfort, which they attribute to the intense energy and urgent messages they have been receiving. They mention the thinning of the veil between the underworld (representing the fourth dimension) and the above world (representing the third dimension). Elizabeth April discusses the importance of activating light warrior energy and highlights three key steps: breath work, connecting with light weapons in the astral realms, and setting powerful vibrational intentions. They also address concerns about the Galactic Federations intentions, affirming their love and unconditional support. Elizabeth April ends by reminding viewers that they hold the keys to unlock their own empowerment and transformation.

5 thoughts on “Activations For Light Warriors

  1. Hi April, im so happy that i found you! 💗
    Throughout this entire video, my energy has been thru the roof & my 3rd is pulling like crazy! That’s the best that i can describe it. I feel amazing & extremely warm. Anyway, I’m so very thankful for you!
    Love ❤️ & light ✨️ for you!!!🙏🕯✝️🐉💞 🦄 🦢🕊🦋🦠🪱💫✨️👁

  2. I just found you April 11 2023. Since late 2019 I’ve been feeling like my energy and anxiety have been slowly growing. I thought my wife was the cause of feeling unsafe. It got so bad I pushed her away. It’s funny, during that time I just had a feeling she has something to do. After the second or third video, before I got to this one (been binging all day) everything stopped. I have been digging, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. These past 4 months has been trying to clear everything I could find. Nothing seemed to make me feel better. 3 1/2 years feeling like I was in hell flipped off like a light switch. The screeching mismatched energy vibrations just stopped after treating myself to tacos on this Tuesday.

  3. My shield is a hollow gold sphere. I’m in the middle, I guess that’s the same as bubbling? The gold sphere is 6 inches thick and coated with bright white plasma light that reflects all energies back to their source. And now . . . I’m off to invent additional light devices (I won’t call them weapons) to protect from the darkness.

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