Above Top Secret Info Drops

  • January 2024

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🌐 Ready for a journey into the unexplained? Join Rex on The Leak Project! Discover hidden truths and mysteries. Don’t miss out! ➑️ https://go.elizabethapril.com/3tQQ6ZL

Check out The Leak Project’s archive of videos here: http://www.leakproject.com

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In this video, the host interviews Rex from The Leak Project, a truth-seeking channel. They discuss various topics including remote viewing, conspiracy theories, above-top-secret information, predictions for 2024, AI, and the moon being a potential recycling center for souls. They explore different viewpoints and possibilities, acknowledging that not everything is guaranteed or aligned with their beliefs.

23 thoughts on “Above Top Secret Info Drops

  1. I met EA on leak project. I immediately found her on her own page and have been watching her ever since. Thanks Rex. You are great. I think you are SOOOO intelligent cuz you always ask great questions. Elizabeth has also said that SHE too is really good at asking good questions. I think that is an indication of the expanse of both of your consciousness. Love to you both πŸ’•

  2. I really dont like the AI and robots now serving people, it does bring my human fear. As always I’m sure EA will give a point of view that changes mine completely (like UFOs when I kept having fear based experiences). This was a cool video drop.

    As always


  3. I also lerned, to prevent the reincarnation back to earth. When u leave ur avatar, turn ur back to the tunnel of light. This allows u to to leave the moons reincarnation back to earth and allows u to go back home, if u will. Exit the matrix.

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