december 2023 Video Schedule

Welcome to December Starseeds! Now is the time to embrace the cosmic energy to release old energies and make conscious choices for the upcoming year. It's time for letting go of what no longer serves us and welcoming 2024 with gratitude for growth and abundance. 🌟💓

December 2023 Message to Humanity
Get ready to bring closure to old energies and welcome the new year with open arms! In this month’s channeled message for December 2023, we are encouraged to reflect on the changes we’ve made over the past year and let go of anything that no longer serves us. The keyword for this month is closure, and we are reminded to be honest with ourselves and make choices that will improve our vibration.

Membership Level: Seeker, Awakener & Creator
Release Date:
December 1st

The Energy of 2024
Want to know what’s in store for 2024? Let’s dive into the energy of this next year and explore the tools needed to navigate it!!

Membership Level: Awakener & Creator
Release Date: December 5th

Message from the GFL for 2024
What do we need to know about 2024? Will we see those big changes in the 3D or will it continue to be a slow unravelling? I bring on G to talk about the potential timelines!

Membership Level: Creator
Release Date: December 10th

Meditation: Preparing for 2024
Align yourself with the powerful energies of 2024! Release old patterns and limiting beliefs and tap into the new opportunities and abundance that this year has in store for you. Get ready to step into your highest possible reality and manifest your deepest desires in 2024!!

Membership Level: Creator
Release Date:
December 11th

How to Prepare for 2024
2024 is the year we’ve been waiting for!! So what’s next? How do we actually prepare for these upgrades and navigate the changes? Watch & Expand!

Membership Level:  Creator
Release Date: December 21st

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