February 2023 Video Schedule

Embark on a journey of exploration this month to discover the outstanding potential in unifying your mind, body and spirit. Uncover hidden knowledge about karma – how it works and how you can shape it according to your will! Join EA's special sessions for unlocking greater control over destiny with Fifth Dimension Karma Clearing. Meditate using 532-hertz soundtracks as a tool for setting up 2023 towards successful outcomes too - receive powerful tools from EA that help empower you so every element around is under YOUR full command!

February 2023 Message to Humanity
This month, consider the power of unity and integration. Tune into your innermost desires for this month – ask yourself what you’d like to achieve in these four weeks and how do you wish that journey will leave you feeling?

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Seeker, Awakener & Creator
Release Date:
February 1st

February 2023 Awakener Video Drop
Karma is a complex cosmic law that dictates our actions and their consequences. Find out more about what karma is, how it works, and the ways in which it can be manipulated.

Membership Level: Awakener & Creator
Release Date:
February 5th

February 2023 Creator Video Drop
Unlock the power of imprinting and explore lifetimes across the universe without living them. Access greater control over your destiny with fifth dimensional Karma Clearing – an alternative that promises to connect you directly with planetary consciousness grid for powerful downloads/uploads

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Release Date:
February 10th

Video Schedule

February 2023 Creator Meditation
What better way to set up your 2023 year than to meditate with a 532-hertz soundtrack and the soothing voice of EA to guide you into infinite possibilities!?🧘‍♀️

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Release Date:
February 11th

February 2023 Creator How-To Video
Have you ever wanted to manipulate the world around you so that you are in full control of all elements and aspects? ⚡With the tools and information in this channel from EA you will finally be able to do just that! 🤯

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Release Date: February 21st

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