Special GFL Message to Starseeds

  • July 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses their recent ban from YouTube and the creation of a censorship-free platform. They then delves into a channeled message from the Galactic Federation for Starseeds and explores the concept of opening universal gateways by speaking specific words and removing oneself from the present moment. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of discernment in consuming information about cosmic disclosure and interacting with other dimensions. They conclude with a message of hope and excitement for the future.

213 thoughts on “Special GFL Message to Starseeds

  1. Thank you EA for your time and energy. I love this platform you have created for us all to feel safe and be able to learn without the moderators removing the information. Honestly, since the website has opened I come here first to watch your videos. I don’t think YT will be necessary for much longer. All the love to you and this whole community ♥️

  2. How does it work for people that are legally blind.. or who can’t see in the way 3D matrix is played out . ?As far as opening gateways,using the closing of eyes to be any where quatumly?

  3. I have been watching EA since 2020 and I gotta say that this is one of the most impactful and beneficial videos she has made. I absolutely love it! So much information and teachings.

  4. Hello EA, just started watching your videos after hearing about you from a friend. Although the YT censorship seems like a bummer, I have also been having problems with their videos lately and started watching from other platforms.

    Have you considered putting a channel on Odysee and Rumble? I like Odysee so far because there’s no lag or censorship. But I haven’t created an account for Rumble yet. Anywho, it would be cool if you started putting content on these other platforms too.

    Thank you for putting out the quality content that you do.

    1. Lynne McTaggart wrote a little bit about ‘problems’ with sunscreen in her book ‘the field’ in or near the chapter on ‘cancer’, I think… uv light causing dna damage, but also triggering dna ‘photo repair’ somehow the light that damages the dna stimulates a process that gets our bodies to repair the dna is a summary of what Lynne McTaggart says in this chapter in the book, and in particular some chemicals, like fluorescent chemicals, take uv light, and re-emit it at another wave length, so that was one belief why it might be causing some issues, and also the idea that our cells communicate through vibrations, including light at a certain uv frequency, which might be connected to something like microtubules of water around cells that are of a similar frequency, and somehow this supposedly helps cells communicate with each other… when the cellular communication breaks down, the ‘quantum coherence’ of our beings … may break down, and supposedly this could be another reason for a cause for cancer, certain cells being cut off from connecting energetically with the rest of our being… there used to be a good article on quantum coherence on wikipedia, it got changed to exclude some important things, it is a keyword and topic that is being ‘watched’ a bit… something else that is being watched / the wikipedia article changed, including in the earlier wiki and in archives of the wiki, was tne entry for ‘autacoid’, the neurotransmitter histamine is an autocoid, it helps regular allergy and similar responses, and when it works normally. as our body responds to an issue and manages it effectively, our body response naturally decreases… some anti-histamine drugs may disrupt peoples’ normal process of becoming less sensitized to certain allergens etc, and there was an ontario maybe toronto dr ravikovich who had been treating peoples’ allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases successfully with synthetic histamine, he used to have a site called thehistamineconnection dot com or something, he wrote a book with his research as well, for awhile it was in the public library near me, i’m not sure if it still is… I’m going to leave this, but I’m not sure I should have talked about it… I’m going to watch some of the main stream media information about disclosure if I am able to… very interested what is being said… Paul Ekman has an online course in reading body language, for people who are interested in that kind of stuff…


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