Starseed Hybrid DNA Activations

  • August 2022

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The video titled Starseed Hybrid DNA Activations discusses the concept of star seeds and their DNA activations. Elizabeth April explains that star seeds are interdimensional beings who have chosen to incarnate on Earth to help humanity. They discuss the different species that make up our DNA, including reptilian, Pleiadian, and angelic DNA. Elizabeth April also touches on the process of activating this DNA and the symptoms that may arise from the activation. They emphasize the importance of healthy boundaries, stepping into ones purpose, and the development of extra sensory abilities. The video concludes with the affirmation, I am ready to harness my full potential.

Monday, August 29th LIVE Video.

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13 thoughts on “Starseed Hybrid DNA Activations

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  2. I’m so grateful your book found me and I was able to connect with you. Thank you for all that you share with us! I’m sharing your book and messages with others. ⭐️❀️

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