Revolutionary 2023 Predictions

  • December 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April shares their predictions for the year 2023. They discuss collective and individual predictions, including financial instability, environmental shifts, influential changes, and UFO disclosure. The themes of spiritual enlightenment, sovereignty, and freedom are emphasized. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of discernment and vibrational navigation, and encourages viewers to embrace these tools for personal growth and contribution to a better world.

Video Timestamps:
The Collective Level Predictions: 8:40
The Individual Level Predictions: 31:25
Themes & The Greatest Tool For 2023: 39:05

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47 thoughts on “Revolutionary 2023 Predictions

  1. I remembered listening to this video last December. Now it’s June and we just had a very heavy hailstorm which destroyed most of my lanai screens. It was so loud and scary! I live in Florida!!!! Hail in June in Florida!! When you said unseasonable weather ex. snow in June, you were right on!!

  2. The information that will be dicovered in 2023 will be the main driver for the conflict and discorce that will lead on for years to come. This info will take all of us by suprise even the UFO folks. This information is so simple and logical it will be impossible to stop. It will disclose the purpose, reason and source of human kind. Many groups will try to fight it and attempt to mold it into thier views but it is just not compatable. It will lead to the fall of many countries, governments, and religious organizations. Just in time for what I can tell would be the 5th “END OF THE WORLD”

  3. I signed up TODAY, 12/31/22, New Years Eve as a creator. This is my first video I watched on the platform, and now I know I’m exactly where I need to be. Thank you for creating this platform. I’ve felt like a lost buoy of tiny light, bouncing around in a black ocean, unsure where to go and totally alone. This makes me feel a lot better and that I am on the right path. Thanks Elizabeth!! Looking forward to this year 2 of personal growth.

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