October 2023 Message to Humanity

  • October 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the energy of October 2023, indicating that it may bring a feeling of slowing down and a need for recalibration. They suggest embracing this slower pace or making different choices to shift the energy. Elizabeth April also encourages self-reflection, self-care, and connecting with ones inner child through creative expression. They also mention upcoming events and activities, inviting viewers to participate. The video ends with a message of being prepared for the future and bidding farewell in anticipation of the new Earth frequency.

109 thoughts on “October 2023 Message to Humanity

  1. It is 2 days away from November 2023 -Dang things are moving slow and fast at the same time! I am seeing the feeling of being tired or slow as a time of integration of the new energies into our bodies. I think we better get use to it. πŸ™‚

  2. 100%kinda like gng nowhere fast ..today being 13th and watching world events..I am here but not here ..empath levels are confused..yup definitely in it but not of this timeline πŸ€ͺ😳πŸ€ͺπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ

  3. Thank you for the mirror of such a beautiful smiling face. You embody it Elizabeth πŸ˜€
    I feel it is crucial to smile. To hold it and bask in it for as long as one can
    Allowing that delightful energy to flow through our unique and collective systems.
    It has been one of the most profound practices utilised as I have navigated the ebbs and flows of my path so far.
    Smile, Smile, Smile. For yourself, at others, for the promise of the Unity that we all are that One Source and can experience the unified Love here on Earth.
    Whether its a smile on the face or one from the heart space.
    It is such a lovely medicine to recieve and to share/send out into the cosmos.

    I have certainly been intensly living and witnessing the energy you describe at many points this past year in particular. I have chosen to not entangle with it now though. Cannot be arsed “faffing*” around with that frequency anymore. It was up to me to break free from it so that’s what I decided to do. Finally!!! Summed up ideally in the iconic words of the great Rachel Green………..”We are sooooooooo oveeeerrrrrr”.

    October 2023
    I feel free.
    I feel light.
    I feel creative.
    I feel great.
    I feel happy.
    I feel capable.
    I feel excited.
    I feel fun.
    I feel clear.
    I feel passionate.
    I feel so so so greatful to be here, alive, well, and playing my part for us all.
    I feel my sacred and soverign soul preperation ahead of the 2024-2027 cycle has completed (which has been a very intense 7 year initiatory stretch since 2016. Yikes)
    I look forward to holding the light for anyone that will need that anchored reference point in the years coming up.

    Love always, to each and every one of you. Keep going, and when you feel like you cant just remember that my heart is smiling at your heart xxx

    *Faffing/Faff – British slang term. Not to be confused with “Fluffing” πŸ˜‰
    Look it up if you’re curious…..perhaps that can be the choice you make to change up the energy if you feel a little knackard/shattered/monged out, online searches of British slang terms. I promise you will not be dissappointed hahaha

  4. Thank you so much Elizabeth. Last few days I have been feeling unmotivated to do anything!! feeling lazy and just want to be in my comfort, snuggly zone. I have ben feeling guilty. This video (like previous ones) have come just in time. I really feel my Guardian Angel, Philomena, is speaking through you. xxx

  5. I love that you mentioned creativity and colored pens. I didn’t journal much in September but on October 1st, I felt called to write with a bright sparkly pink pen instead of my usual black! πŸ™‚

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