January 2023 Message to Humanity

  • January 2023

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The video is titled January 2023 Message to Humanity. In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the energies and experiences that people may encounter in January. They mention the possibility of encountering both old and new energies simultaneously, with the opening of massive portals symbolizing confrontations with old energy and opportunities for new energy. Elizabeth April advises listeners to analyze and learn from any blocks they may encounter, as well as to be aware of synchronicities and manifestations. They also emphasize the importance of being mindful of dreams, as they may contain messages or downloads. The overall message is to focus on personal growth and desires for the upcoming year, regardless of external circumstances. The video concludes with a message of gratitude and love for the viewers.

39 thoughts on “January 2023 Message to Humanity

  1. My new habit is to watch the predition video at the beginning of the month and then AGAIN at the END to see how much it was aligned.
    And this month was amazing! I got some days of crazy crazy crazy double digits over my clock, but like 5 times in 1 day for like 3 days! And I dont get them so often, so I was shocked!
    I also manifested a lot very quickly and easily, set all the intentions for what I want.
    I got confronted both with old energy and cleared what I was ready for, and also lots of new opportinuties and new seeds!
    I also really paid attention to each one of my dreams, which helped me to understand old energy still to clear.
    So much was aligned with this video.

  2. Dreams have been super intense lately. With how psychic I am recognizing I am the fearful ones really get to me. But I’m taking note of them and if any are super disturbing I save it as a topic to further inquire with my higher self in deep meditation.
    Btw I LOVE your shirt! But is it yours or Nats?? 😂

  3. The shift of 2023 happened on New Years Eve. I saw four perfect circles with 8 perfectly spaced dashes in each circle around like a clock. These symbols were on a double pane glass and drawn on the inside between the panes. You cannot wipe them off from either side. I lived in the house 20 years and have never seen these circles. January 2nd I discovered EA videos and everything she spoke of spoke to my spirit as Truth. I saw a picture of EA with a nose ring and remembered she spoke to me in a dream like a week ago. I forgot what she said in the dream but it was that very same picture which spoke to me.

    I am very excited for 2023. One of my favorite sayings recently is to sit back , eat popcorn and enjoy the movie we call life. Life is like a good movie with comedy, excitement, thrills, romance and even Love. Like the Hermetic Teaching Love and hate, happy and sad, light and dark are just degrees of the same thing. Look at everything from every degree and every angle possible . In/out, left/right, up/down ext. Once it is seen, felt, and full experienced then it is truly known for what it is . Once it is truly known; then you can find the balance or middle . It always is nice to fluctuate from that mid point while everything stays in motion and can never be “ Fixed”

    Thank you, thank you and thank you to this beautiful community we are all part of. Look forward to meeting you all in the Astral Plane and beyond.

  4. Thank you Elizabeth for being such a bright shining light full of so much wisdom, conveyed so beautifully and accessible, and a loving warrior! Love & best wishes to you and Nat mammas to be! What an epic year this one will be!!xxx

  5. Merci et bonne année ho ho ho but true it has been difficult for both of us..wife and I, these last 2 weeks… very very sick and magically possesses, a shaman helped us up 1/2 way but we have been feeling drained… Upgrade, highen awareness but much negative thought… pretty brutal… getting better but still weak….intense for us but love seems to be still there and many elemental tells me “courage” it is hard but you will make it through..wow…could you comment please please please thanks?!?

  6. Bunch of 1.11, 11.11- s today, on the first day of the year 🙂
    Also today I had a client paid for the treatment for his whole family and it came out $1111.46 🤣 I was born on 4.16.

    All my current numbers showed up today.
    Not that I run my life on it however it was a funny realization.

    Have a magical day, everyone!

  7. When you started talking about that trip I had to laugh. I had been thinking of taking a trip to see my brother in Taxes all last week. It had been awhile since I had talked to him. He calls tonight and wants to know when I’m coming before he even knew I had been thinking of it. Hope you have the best year ever.

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