Child Sex Trafficking Galactic Federation & Reincarnation

  • July 2020

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the topic of child sex trafficking, the involvement of the Galactic Federation, and the control of the matrix system by reptilian beings. They explain that this issue has been ongoing since the beginning of humanity and emphasize the importance of healing oneself in order to change the system. Elizabeth April also talks about the impact of trauma on psychic abilities, financial abundance, and sexual satisfaction. They emphasize the need to share this information and project intentions for the liberation and healing of the children.

3 thoughts on “Child Sex Trafficking Galactic Federation & Reincarnation

  1. This video was very eye opening for me. I have always hated any time when a person in power takes advantage of a innocent or weak person and now I know why. This is disgusting and has to be stopped. Children are our future and so many have parents or family that are broken. Now I find out that this has been going on for millions of years. I for one will work on myself until I can join this fight to free the people that they have enslaved and brutalized.

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