The Purpose of the Shadow Government 

  • September 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of the shadow government. They touch on topics such as reptilians ruling the world, manipulation through fear and control, and the idea that power structures like religion, politics, and media are used to maintain control. Elizabeth April also mentions the current awakening and the challenges the shadow government faces in maintaining their power.

129 thoughts on “The Purpose of the Shadow Government 

  1. When the I am God saved me at 5 yrs old (from standing in front of a train to keep my cousin from abusing me) I gave my life to him and I know believe it raise my vibration enough that I became cryptid candy for a bunch of aggressive entities including the Reptilians. They telepathically goaded my parents into boating on the Mississippi River through Saint Paul, Minnesota, so they could legally harvest my neg A blood. When God saved me again, the Reptilians asked their buddies the draconian’s to get me. (aka black-eyed kids and fake MIB’s who use temporary holographic technology to appear human. If you let them in, they steal your Chi energy and give you radiation poisoning.) When I refused to let them in the house I had a vision that they went to the governor and ordered him to find me through my immunization records, and drop me off, but he refused because he couldn’t justify the homicide of a child. The draconians also got a Lonestar tick and threw it at me when I was playing with a friend. The tick bit me and then when I threw it away from me, it kept coming back three times, and definitely felt like it was programmed to prefer my blood over my friend, who had O neg.
    The draconian’s were also laughing about how the tick bites make humans vegetarians, by taking away their ability to eat meat, and taste so much better than the ordinary variety.
    I forgot about the Reptilians until I got to see the same play twice on a river boat when I was 15 in 1987. After I escaped the boat the second time, the Liz folk said that I was in big trouble because I had broken the inter-dimensional treaty. That night, two 8 foot cyclops brothers named Mike and Ike portaled up into my bedroom. They were there, too use wrist band technologies to demagnetize my soul and force my soul to go down into the city of the semi advanced races in Agharta, which is mentioned in the diaries of Admiral Byrd. They attempted to eat me so I wouldn’t have to attend the sentencing, and Mike hit my leg a couple of times. The portals are set up so that Cryptid DNA Has to touch the portal for so humans don’t accidentally get down there and eaten. My soul was put in manacles, and I had to stand in front of a crabby blue Sirian named Naomi. She tried to explain that I was being sentenced to death, because I had trust past on the harvesting grounds and refused to let them take my blood. I suggested they could just take a few pints and let me go, but it backfired. She said she was from the galactic federation of light and during our loud discussion, she said that I was lucky I would be leaving the planet, because they were about to let a solar flare scour the surface clean of our destructive species before we nuked the place and damaged the multi-verse on some special event/conjunction going on August 17. I finally dared her to stand where the angel of death was and begged God to show himself in order to get them to let us keep living on the planet. When Naomi couldn’t stand were Azriel The angel was taking up space she had to admit there was some thing vibrating even faster than she could see. Then another angel Halley showed up to help out the GFL. And since I’ve given my life to God, it wasn’t mine to give to anybody else. But at the end of my life, Shabbat gets my blood and tissue. I had another vision that they got cryonic tech going so that they’ll be able to torture me, drain me, freeze me, revive me, and repeat in definitely. God is assured me that He will come get me no matter what, but the thoughts still makes my stomach turn. I didn’t know anyone else believed in Reptilians until I started watching EA. I mentioned it to another woman and she told me how they had tried to coax her into leaving her friends house on the St. Croix River in Minnesota. Apparently the Reptilians have decided that the whole Mississippi watershed is their hunting grounds. But the Reptilians are real. They are telepathic. They are mostly aggressive, although I did meet one lady named Sasha, who felt like a sister. I had been arguing that we could all live on the surface in peace, and she came up to me afterwards and asked if that was really what I thought. Equip not if you don’t fight for it but yes, I do believe so. I believe any entity can get along if they have a mine too. And that is my prayer for all of us.

  2. It is a game! I’ve been a so called Canadian for over 50 yrs and never once have I ever voted! There’s no point in me voting, they all lie, lol… All the votes are fixed, and the so called allected ae pre-selected…

  3. EA, I wanted to offer this mind-blowing information which, while not really a revelation to me, was certainly like putting a name to a face, finally! I’ve had this sense of dread from an unknown source for years now. I thought it was coming from the people corrupting and controlling our government but I’d never really found a direct link between them and what is going on in the world. Our “Leaders” are just enwrapped in their vast corruption and insanity. I know the pendulum will eventually shift back in the other direction toward sanity, so I’m not that worried about them ruining society. No, this feeling of dread comes from something else, something far more sinister and this video from Michael Sandler and Dr. Steven Greer spells out what is going on. I felt the need to post it here for you to take a look. If this link does not work, the caption on the video is: “Mass Media Is Hiding This! The EMERGENCY Countdown on UFO’s, UAP’s and Congress! Dr. Steven Greer”

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