5D Law of Attraction & Manifestation

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the steps to manifesting what you want in life. They emphasize the importance of focusing on your intention, creating intensity and reverberation with your thoughts and actions, and surrendering attachment and expectation. Elizabeth April also suggests crowdsourcing manifestations and making clear statements. Overall, they provide valuable insights and guidance for those looking to manifest their desires.

4 thoughts on “5D Law of Attraction & Manifestation

  1. How should I suppose to know if Im on 5D or 3D, i don’t understand. Im loving my life, that doesn’t mean im struggling with stuff I want to change in me, but I don’t know when im in 5d or 3d. Is there a video about that? Actually in the past I manifested stuff incredibly fast, and now a days its slower and slower, but I thought it was because I have made so many dreams of mine come true that im kind of “out of dreams” or at least not as strong. But there is one I have been manifesting for years now and haven’t seen it come true 🙁 and its not so crazy…I also think that there is a higher wisdom that will not make my wishes come true if its not “time” yet.

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