The Cosmic Womb

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✨💓 Transform Your Pregnancy Journey and Embrace Your Inner Strength ✨💓

Discover the ultimate guide to a positive pregnancy journey and birth experience with The Cosmic Womb Course. This course is divided into three sections: pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and labor/birth. My lessons and practices are designed to help you align your mind, body, and soul throughout your pregnancy, and my bonus resources will assist you every step of the way. Embrace your inner strength and prepare for the journey of birth with confidence by enrolling in The Cosmic Womb Course today!


  • How to align your mind, body, and soul to achieve optimal health and well-being during your pregnancy journey.
  • Prepare for the journey of birth with confidence, no matter what your plan is.
  • Learn how to cultivate & manifest the pregnancy of your dreams.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Expecting mothers who want to have a positive pregnancy journey and birth experience.
  • Women who want to prepare their bodies, minds, and spirits for pregnancy.
  • Couples who want to align their energies and intentions for a healthy and positive birthing experience.

What's Included?

A full pregnancy overview helping you through getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth!

Pre-Pregnancy Lessons

Feel supported and guided BEFORE getting pregnant with these pre-pregnancy lessons. I share tips and tricks on how I got pregnant.

🌟 During Pregnancy Lessons

The focus of this course is helping you align your mind, body and soul while being pregnant.

💫 Labor & Birth Lessons

Lessons to help prepare you for the journey of birth and labour, no matter what your plan is!

📓 BONUS: Manifesting Pregnancy Mini Book!

A short e-book written to help you manifest getting pregnant!

📘 BONUS: 75 Page Pregnancy Planner!

A fully packed pregnancy planner for all the things you need to organize! 

💥 Extra Bonuses

🌟 Completion Certificate 
✅ Course Badge
▶️ 3x Manifestation Videos
🛍️ Amazon Must Haves’
🤱 Breastfeeding Tips
🙏 Postpartum Recovery
👥 Cosmic Womb Community Forum

course content

Watch these videos BEFORE getting pregnant! Of course, you can watch them at any time since the information always applies no matter what. This is what I did to prepare for pregnancy and to call in the Starseed of my dreams!

Watch these videos, in ANY order, when you find out you are pregnant! You can also watch these videos before getting pregnant which will help with the manifestation of calling pregnancy in!

Watch these videos when gearing up to give birth! The third trimester would be best, however, they will be good to watch at any time!

ONLY $88.88

course overview:

✅ Pre-Pregnancy Lessons
✅ During Pregnancy Lessons
✅ Labour & Birth Lessons
✅ Comprehensive Labour List
✅ Exclusive EA Amazon Must Have’s
✅ Cosmic Womb Community Forum
✅ Completion Certificate! 
✅ Course Badge
✅ 3X BONUS Manifestation Videos
✅ BONUS Postpartum Recovery Video
✅ BONUS Breastfeeding Tips Video
✅ BONUS 75 Page Pregnancy Planner
✅ BONUS Manifesting Pregnancy Mini Book! 

ONLY $88.88

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ONLY $88.88