System Override


System Override Masterclass

The Masterclass techniques and tools you need to help transmute and override the fear and energy around the vaccine and any low vibrational energy that may interfere with your highest intentions.

This course gives you the ultimate full-bodied understanding of why we can no longer move forward in a world of fear.

What’s Included:

  • Exclusive vibrational, quantum & metaphysical video techniques from Elizabeth April & Sharma
  • EA guided meditation
  • Printable activations & resource guides
  • Consciousness colouring book
  • Special Bonus offers
  • + MORE!!

We are all being tested with our own spiritual fortitude at this time. We have the choice to either step up and find a solution for our fear, or continue to be controlled by the system and constantly live in a low vibrational state.

We are powerful beings of light, and we can decide what affects us and what doesn’t. Most of us just aren’t aware of how incredibly strong and resilient we are.

No matter if you refuse the vaxx, have had the vaxxine, live with someone who has gotten it, or are unsure of what to do, this course will help keep you strong and protected from any negative effects from the vaxxine or the dark agendas at play.

By the end of this course, you will feel strong, empowered, & motivated to share your gifts, vibration, energy, laugher and smile with the world again.

System Override $22.22