Spirit Guide LIVE Workshop


Spirit Guide LIVE Event

Where: Zoom Video Call
When: Friday, October 28th @ 1:00pm-2:30pm PST
Length: Approx 90 min

Are you feeling lost, alone and desperately in need of guidance?🧭 Do you want to connect with your spirit guides? Do you feel like their purpose is unclear?😫
Our Guides are always here for us and we can use them as tools to tap into our inner guidance system. 

Let me teach you how to connect with your Spirit Guides & how they can be used as allies towards being truly happy and fulfilled in life!🙌

What You Will Learn:

  • Who Are Your Spirit Guides 😇
  • How To Communicate With your Guides 🤝
  • What Is Their Main Purpose 🙏
  • How To Make Empowered Decisions 🙌
  • + SO MUCH MORE!! 💥

What’s Included:

  • 90-Minute Spirit Guide Workshop 🎟
  • 30-Minute Guided Meditation 🎧
  • Digital Workbook 📓
  • Digital Recording ▶️
  • BONUS Video compilation 💥

Join us on a journey to discover how your spirit guides can help empower you 💪 to make the right decisions.
Open up to feel supported and guided in all areas of your life by otherworldly beings.👽 Discover the answers you’re looking for, so you can move forward in absolute peace and joy! ✌️