Get Woke 30 Day Spiritual Bootcamp


Get WOKE Bootcamp

This 30-day Bootcamp is designed to harmonize any cognitive dissonance you may have. This course is specifically geared toward changing your thought patterns and behaviours over a 30 day period.

Simple in its approach, this Bootcamp allows you to be AWARE of where you are and what you want so that you can finally take your power back from the void filling and MANIFEST the life you fucking deserve to live!!

What’s Included:

  • 13 Supporting Weekly Videos
  • 40 Page Intensive Digital Workbook

This Bootcamp is designed to align all layers of your system: emotional, physical, vibrational and intuitive. Awareness is key and the daily exercises will ensure you are tapped in and turned on! Are you ready to take accountability in your life and start making the positive change you have desperately been craving?

Time to Get WOKE!


Get Woke 30 Day Spiritual Bootcamp $111.11