Galactic Federation 2021 Recording Bundle


Have you ever wondered how humanity will evolve in the new era of light and love?

Welcome to the Galactic Federation of Light Summits!!👽

Here, we bring you 12 months of messages directly from The Galactic Federation. Each summit holds a key to your awakening and ascension, as well as a unique mission to share with humanity at this critical time in planetary evolution.👁

We will explore timeless realms with the members of the GFL and take on our own mission for ascension – it’s all here, eagerly awaiting your discovery.

What’s included:

  • January – December 2021 Recordings ▶️
  • DNA Activations 🧬
  • Crystalline Upgrades ✨
  • Chakra Updates 🙏
  • + Much More 👽

Never before have so many different intergalactic beings joined together to deliver their messages about humanity’s ascension and the role of other galactic forces. Order your bundle to see when Lightworkers & Interdimensionals come together for a singular purpose. 🤯

Galactic Federation 2021 Recording Bundle $44.44