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Release Date: July 1st

Release Date: June 1st

July Message to Humanity Video

This month we are focusing on honoring your Human! July gives us the opportunity to realign and center ourselves to make an impact for the rest of the year ahead. Are you ready to find out what July has in store for you? 

June Message to Humanity Video

Check out my June Message To Humanity to get inspired to take action & start clearing space for new opportunities that are just around the corner! ✨ 



Release Date: July 5th

Release Date: June 5th

Figuring Out Your Human

Membership Level: Awakener & Creator

When was the last time you truly honoured your Human? This is something we don't do enough but is so important for our personal growth. Time to figure out who YOU are and what you want!!!

Recognizing Toxicity

Membership Level: Awakener & Creator

At this point in our ascension there is absolutely no room for toxicity. Learn how to recognize what is and isn't serving your highest intentions...



Release Date: July 10th

Release Date: June 10th

Human Starseed Blocks

Membership Level: Creator

Do you feel like being Human is just overwhelming and tiring at times? You are not alone. Lets talk about removing blocks by embracing and honouring yourself in every way. 

Learning From Toxicity

Membership Level: Creator

Why do we have to deal with toxic people and situations? There is a lesson we can take from each experience. Let me explain...



Release Date: July 11th

Release Date: June 11th


Membership Level: Creator

You don't have to hold onto that toxic, negative energy! Let me guide you to release whatever is weighing you down!

Honouring Your Human 

Membership Level: Creator

This guided meditation will  help you connect and align your mind, body and soul to your greatest intentions. 



Release Date: June 21st

Release Date: July 21st

How To Reconnect With Your Human

Membership Level: Creator

Do you feel like a stranger in your own body? Now is the time to reconnect with yourself and embody your highest potential.


How To Properly Cut Cords

Membership Level: Creator

Cord cutting letters aren't always enough. Learn how to properly cut cords and clear toxic attachments so you can start living your life for YOU!!

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