Monthly Message to Humanity


Welcome to the month of May!!

The month of May is all about the Galactic Federation!!

There are some truly important messages they have to offer you and a meditation to go along with it!

Boost your vibration, your mindset and your overall abundance the guidance from me and the GFL!!!

Enjoy the messages and massive transformations in store!!


Channelled Monthly Message to Humanity will give you an ALL-ACCESS PASS to the Awakener Membership on The Cosmic Society for 1 Month!!

Not only do you get to watch this intuitively channelled video release I also want to invite you to join me and the other Awakener Members for 2 INCREDIBLE Q&A sessions happening this month! The first Q&A takes place on the 1st Sunday of the Month and the next Q&A session is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month!

We didn’t stop there!

You also get access to the EXCLUSIVE Members ONLY Coaching Call happening on the 22nd of this month which would typically be another $9.99 USD if you weren’t an Awakener in the Cosmic Society!

Check out never-before-seen content like the NEW Awakener Video Download dropping this month on the 5th, 100’s of curated videos, mind-bending blog posts, and a monthly oracle pull just for YOU!

Are you ready to experience what being an Awakener is all about?

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