Limited Master Awakener 10mm Collection – Elizabeth April AWAKEN & Species Set of 7 Stretch Bracelet


Are you a Starseed of multiple origins?

Have you taken the Cosmic Family quiz and gotten varied results when taken multiple times?

Do you want to experience the epic vibration of each species as well as Elizabeth April’s powerful Awaken bracelet to feel the frequency differences?

Then the Master Awakener Collection is for you! It is only available for a limited time, includes a bulk discount and comes with many extras.

The Master Awakener Collection Includes:

  • The Complete Set of 6 Species Bracelets: Angel, Anunnaki, Arcturian, Mantis, Grey and Pleiadian
  • The EA Channeled Awaken Bracelet – the ultimate super powerful awakening tool
  • The full set of 7 collectors cards
  • Crystal healing properties cards for every crystal
  • A deluxe crystal healing and chakra cheat sheet card
  • Each bracelet comes with a linen Lily Rose drawstring bag
  • A magnetic Lily Rose gift box
  • BONUS: An organic California White Sage bundle for cleansing and intention setting

These beautiful bracelets were created to help you expand and shift to your highest vibration. This project was in the works for OVER A YEAR! We wanted everything to be perfect. The specific beads in each of these bracelets are the highest AA grade beads we could find, chosen from a variety of places worldwide.

Want to take the quiz to find out what species of your cosmic family you resonate with? >>>> Cosmic Family Bracelet Quiz by EA <<<<

A note about sizing: This is a 10mm bead bracelet collection. We offer three built in sizes to choose from. The most widely used bracelet is 7.5″ Standard Size and we offer 6.5″ Extra Small as well as 8.5″ Extra Large. We can also do a completely custom size! Simply measure your wrist, as tight or loose as you want it and send us an email or message with your exact size. There is no price difference for custom sizes!

Do you want different sizes for each bracelet in your Master Collection? We can do that too! Just send us an email to Sarah@lilyrosejewelryco.com after purchase!

Each bracelet’s bead count will vary slightly with the wrist size changes. For example, we will remove or add certain beads to keep it in a natural flow. The photos shown in this listing are the standard size 7.5″ bracelets.

This stretch bracelet is an original design, channeled by Elizabeth April and handcrafted by us using 100% genuine high quality semi-precious gemstones in our Florida Studio.

Gemstones may vary. Necklace style and chain length are customizable.

Limited Master Awakener 10mm Collection - Elizabeth April AWAKEN & Species Set of 7 Stretch Bracelet $333.33