8mm Elizabeth April Quantum Convergence No Fear AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch 108 Mala Bracelet Necklace


The NEW Elizabeth April Channeled Malas are here! 🎉

Introducing the ultimate channeled NO-FEAR Awakening tool: The EA Quantum Convergence Awaken Mala! This 108 bead combo of Super Seven, Citrine, Garnet and Smoky Quartz is attuned to help you quantum leap into your highest dimensional reality, regardless of the times we are living in. This mala was created because there is non-stop fear based information happening right now and a limitless number of paths to choose on the journey. These channeled crystals will enhance your discernment, release psychic attacks and increase the power needed to bring you to your highest possible dimensional path. Most importantly, this mala will give you a boost of inner-child like joy and happiness, which is super needed in the fifth dimension!

This epic mala features a dual sided shiny bead that states “AWAKEN Elizabeth April” to bring to surface the powerful lessons that reside within. On the other side is her incredible EA sacred geometry logo. All crystals are Grade AAA.

Beside the beautiful totem bead you will find 3 gorgeous deep Garnet beads on each side, 6 total, that represents self-love, compassion and bravery. Garnet is associated with the heart chakra and is known to be one of the oldest crystals used in human history. It nurtures old emotional wounds that need to be healed and balances the yin-yang energy allowing one to achieve their highest potential. Garnet will help build confidence needed to unlock supreme self-love and alleviate confusion regarding the path.

Next to the Garnets are 3 Smoky Quartz on each side, which is the extremely protective invisibility cloak crystal needed when battling hard times. There are also 3 Smokys, on each side, in the back of this design encompassing the Super Seven. Total 12. Smoky Quartz harnesses the master healing qualities of clear quartz, and the protective qualities of the dark side of it. This stone balances the inner God and Goddess energy within us all. It transmutes and cloaks you from negative energies like technology radiation and especially negative vibes from toxic people and energy vampires.

Next to Smoky is our very favorite Super Seven. There are 21 Super Seven beads on each balancing side of the mala, as well as 6 on the back. Super Seven is an extremely rare and valuable crystal which easily enhances connection to the spirit realm. It is a literal mix of seven minerals in one powerful combo. The minerals are Amethyst, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Cacoxenite, Goethite and Lepidocrocite. It is a crystal for the New Earth, with the growing psychic abilities and increasing timelines changes. It represents the unity of humanity. It will heal, balance and energize all chakras while being extremely protective. We think of it as an expansive violet flame psychic powerhouse! Super Seven is an amazing crystal to have if you have stress migraines, inflammation, breathing issues and overall pain, as it detoxifies metals and fights the causes of the ailments or diseases. It will support the nervous and immune system, curbing inflammation and relieving stress.

Finally, a crystal that is brand NEW to us and we are so very excited about: Natural Brazilian Citrine. ☀ This crystal blows us away! There is a total of 42 gems, 21 on each side. Citrine has amazing sparkling rainbows and phantoms that almost look like an alien language. Citrine is a purely positive crystal with a bright, bold energy. It is a stone of wealth and can be used to increase your cash flow if that is your intention, but the abundance also comes in the form of a stronger physical sense, an increase of happy vibes, child-like wonder and the reminder of your personal power that no one can ever take away. Self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence will flow more freely. Citrine ties this Quantum Convergence mala together as it kicks fear, negativity and stress out the door.

8mm Elizabeth April Quantum Convergence No Fear AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch 108 Mala Bracelet Necklace $155.55