8mm Elizabeth April Channeled Anunnaki Sacred Geometry Limited Edition Cosmic Species Stretch Bracelet


The Limited Edition Elizabeth April Channeled Bracelets are here! These beautiful bracelets were created to help you expand and shift to your highest vibration. This project was in the works for OVER A YEAR! We wanted everything to be perfect. The specific beads in each of these bracelets are the highest AA grade beads we could find, chosen from a variety of places worldwide. We provide 6 epic species bracelets, all channeled by EA, as well as one limited EA Awaken Bracelet! Want to take the quiz to find out what species of your cosmic family you resonate with? >

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The EA Channeled Anunnaki Species Bracelet! This combo of African Black Tourmaline and South African Tigers Eye beads is made for the ultimate protection while accessing ancient knowledge. Elizabeth April personally channeled this combo, everything down to the placement of the beads for proper energy alignment.

Black Tourmaline is a very rare and special bead. It is very hard to make Tourmaline into a bead because of its rough structure, which is why this is the first ever Black Tourmaline bracelet in Lily Rose thus far! Black Tourmaline is so high vibrational that it will cleanse other crystals and serve as a guide through challenging times. It also blocks and transmutes negative energies including electromagnetic smog, EMF and 5G. Black Tourmaline was channeled into this bracelet because the Anunnaki are the knowledge keepers. This crystal brings emotional stability and rational thinking when embarking on intense spiritual journeys. Tigers Eye is the stone of courage and self-esteem, also bringing money and fortune into the equation! The Anunnaki have extreme leadership abilities and this crystal will help you transform your journey into the highest vibrational path through the utmost in self-confidence and abundance. Tigers Eye is the stone of making dreams come true through loving yourself and finding compassion for humanity!

8mm Elizabeth April Channeled Anunnaki Sacred Geometry Limited Edition Cosmic Species Stretch Bracelet $55.55