✨June 2023 Cosmic Oracle Reveal✨

Elizabeth April June  Cosmic Oracle Reveal
✨June Cosmic Oracle Reveal✨ What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?

✨June Cosmic Oracle Reveal✨
What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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✨Card 1 – Eagle
✨Crystal 1 – Kyanite
✨Keywords 1 – All-Pervading Power, Truth Seeker, Transforms Krama.

The noble Eagle emanates the light of the sun. This great bird is both physically and spiritually strong and represents mastery over the elements of Fire and Air. When the Eagle appears, you’ll soon be thrown into the karmic fire for the sake of your transformation. The Eagle pushes us to be our best and brightest sleeves and stops at nothing to see us shine. Grasp the sun in your talons and hold on for the ride. You are stronger than you think, Eagle child.

When in balance: bright, radiant, challenges.
When out of balance: controlling.
To bring into balance: step into the unknown.

✨Card 2 – Cheetah.
✨Crystal 2 – Fluorite
✨Keywords 2 – Solar Force, Action, Achievement, Masculine Energy

The Cheetah is the epitome of the solar forces at work. The sun doesn’t shine onto the Cheetah, it shines from inside this great creature and expands outward to brighten the Universe. The energy within a Cheetah’s personality is palpable to others, and they naturally attract an audience to bear witness to their remarkable achievements, Purpose and passion are the best fuel for a Cheetah’s forward momentum, so if you’re lacking in those areas, reconnect to the why before you start running.

When in balance: achieves anything, boundless energy.
When out of balance: impatient, competitive.
To bring into balance: reconnect to purpose.

✨Card 3 – Spider
✨Crystal 3 – Opalite
✨Keywords 3 – Creator of prosperity through life’s work, Dharma

The Spider is an ingenious creator. Its greatest gift is weaving the thread of dharma into a vast intricate web that supports the spider (and those around it) both financially and spiritually. It is hard work, but the Spider neither tires nor becomes impatient. This card reminds us that creativity is everywhere. Be process-oriented rather than results-oriented, and soon your “work” becomes like the weaving of a magical, priceless tapestry. Abundance follows.

When in balance: appreciative, enthusiastic, prosperous.
When out of balance: discouraged, tired, forlorn.
To bring into balance: playful creativity.

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Lauren Akkili


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