✨March 2023 Cosmic Oracle Reveal✨

✨ March Cosmic Oracle Reveal✨
What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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✨Card 1 – Lioness
✨Crystal 1 – Dragons Blood
✨KeyWord 1 – Protection.

You are strongly protected right now. You are invited to embrace your authenticity and to be unafraid to wisely express your emotions, To protect others, we must learn to develop strength in ourselves and to know the power of restraint, which is what real power involves.

If you have ever seen a lioness in the wild you will immediately understand the nature of the magic of this magnificent feline, Lionesses are hugely powerful and work in teams to bring down prey and to protect the young. This contract of lethal power and tender protectiveness is the key to lioness magic.

Plug into lioness magic in situations when you need responsible power and when you may need some help in restraining a destructive energy such as rage.

✨Card 2 – Horse
✨Crystal 2 – Spiderweb Jasper
✨KeyWord 2 – Freedom.

To be truly free, we must learn true independence. Trust yourself, as listening to people who may have other agendas is not eh way to make good clear decisions. Individuation from our parents is a natural process, although it is often fraught with difficulty on both sides. Your true power resides in your ability to always know you have a choice and it is yours to make.

Horse magic is profoundly free and powerful. To ride a horse at full gallop is to experience a sacred bolt of the most primal liberty. When you are feeling trapped or small, expand your field by calling for their energy.

✨Card 3 – Fruit Bat / Flying Fox
✨Crystal 3 – Snakeskin Agate
✨KeyWord – Kindness

Choose kindness, which isn’t always the easy way. Kindness will always be repaid. Consider others in your decisions, especially those with less power than you. Repay your debts. Spread the seeds of goodwill, and your fortunes will grow.

Fruit bats are a vital part of the ecosystem, ensuring seeds are spread and fertility of the land is secured. The energy here is one of fertility and plentifulness. Invite flying fox energy into your workings when you wish to invoice more kindness or fertility.

✨ February 2023 Cosmic Oracle Reveal!! ✨

What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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✨Card 1 – Twin Flame
✨Crystal 1 – Nuummite
✨Mantra 1 – I AM serving humanity with my Twin Flame.

Your heart yearns to be reunited with your Twin Flame, the soul that carries the identical spiritual blueprint, just as you do. However, through reincarnation, when you took physical form, the Law of Karma took action. Now, past obligations must be met. Relationships must be worked on. When the time is right and your spiritual frequency is increased through meditation and prayer, you will be reunited with your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is your spiritual compliment. Your purpose together will be to serve humanity. The Ladies of Pleiades are telling you that with this card, you will increase your vibration and enjoy the process of growing into your spiritual integration and wholeness. Your Twin Flame is doing the same. When the time is right, the Universe will make it happen, and you will meet your Twin Flame.

✨Card 2 – Ceremonies/Rituals
✨Crystal 2 – Charoite
✨Mantra 2 – I AM honouring myself through ritual, ceremony, and prayer.

Ceremonies have been held throughout time as the human spirit sought to honour our praise, celebrate, give thanks, ask for healing, and so on. While there is great diversity in form, ceremonies typically begin with intent and often call upon a spiritual presence.

Are you in the midst of a life change? Would you like to deepen your spiritual practice? Is there something you would like to honour? Since this card has come to you, consider the role of ceremonies and think about whether you have a need or desire to create one. Listen to your inner voice. When clarity arrives, you can begin to formulate the ceremony that would best honour your intention. Be open to discoveries or changes and always give thanks to the Universe for its’ love and guidance.

✨Card 3 – Miracles
✨Crystal 3 – Ammonite
✨Mantra – I AM seeing every moment as a miracle in my life.

Life itself is a miracle. The miracle of birth; from two cells, another human being is formed. Miracles happen all the time-missing an accident in seconds, being cured of a life-threatening disease, or finding the one person that you will love forever. There are many things that are taken for granted in the busyness of everyday life, yet there are miracles all around you.

During meditation ask your spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light to help you see all the miraculous things in your life. This card will help you to understand that you are on a Divine journey toward the Light. Remember to show your gratitude for their help in making you more aware of your divine consciousness.

✨January 2023 Cosmic Oracle Reveal✨

What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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Card 1 – Oshun
Crystal 1 – Pyrite
Key Word 1 – Justice

The suit begins with the power of the sword suit – Oshun rising out of the water in her bright yellow clothing with a sword of water piercing the sky. The ocean and the clouds seem to be connected and allow you to flow into a victorious alignment. Oshun brings the sword to you because it is time to stand up for justice. She rises effortlessly and reminds you that the strength of your ancestors is remembered in the water of your body. Oshun wears gold jewelry, brass bracelets, beads, mirrors, and elaborate fans and every aspect of the card is shiny! Around her are the elements of music, dance, fertility, and prosperity, and in the background, a grove of trees signifies her throne.

Card 2 – Nana Buruku
Crystal 2 – Green Goldstone
Key Word 2 – Essence

Swirls of purple grace the middle of this card and form a massive gown worn by Nana Buruku. She is the grandmother keeper of the orisha oracles for the Fon people of Africa. She is revered as the most influential deity in Western Africa’s theology. Her dress resembles a giant ball gown akin to Cinderella’s, and she is believed to have given birth to the moon spirit Mawu, who we see in the upper right of the card. The sun spirit Lisa, who appears on the other side, is also a child of Nana Buruku. Nana Buruku is the original creator and Mawu-Lisa is the secondary. The large adornment of cowrie shells covers the goddess’ neck and her headscarf. Her skin is leathery to show her age as the oldest orisha. In her hands is a sacred knife made out of bamboo, and the other is a terracotta pot that holds the secrets that your soul has kept.

When this card appears to you, it is time to remember that your essence is here long before your physical being.

If you are having issues with your maternal aspects, Nana Buruku comes forward to help with all these issues.

Card 3 – Mami Wata
Crystal 3 – Tigers Eye
Key Word 3 – Memory

The Dogon creation myth tells the story of Mami Wata and dates back over 4,000 years. A figure is floating in the ocean with a large red and black snake around her shoulders. Her tail bursts with emerald greens and her hair encompass’ everything around her.
Mami Wata is the spiritual and material oracle and comes to you when you are going to gain something if you call upon her for help. She loves to help women and will protect the sacred waters around her at all costs. Her eyes hold a stern gaze that shines intensely.
The water in this card is a major factor as mami Wata will use the water to prove a point or teach a lesson if her messages are not received. Many people seek the help of Mami Wata by dancing themselves into a trance. This card could be a sign of fertility.

✨ December Cosmic Oracle Reveal!! ✨

What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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✨Card 1 – I Honour Animals With Reverence 
✨Crystal 1 – Snakeskin Agate

In embodying the ideal of treating all animals with reverence, we find a vision of every life as something to be cherished and magic behind every life force no matter how big or small. 

Through observation of and respect for the unique characteristics of each individual animal spirit, we can allow the opportunity to relate and apply the archetypal energy each embodies to the fractal design of our soul’s personality. 

In removing the ephemeral mask of the human ego, we are left with the perennial wisdom within the anima mundi or World Soul, the intrinsic spirit that permeates all life. 

✨Card 2 – I Advance Through My Own Abilities
✨Crystal 2 – Pinolith

 To advance through your own abilities, one must remember the roof of each desire we wish to advance toward and ask if it is aligned with love or with fear. 

When a desire is fear-based, it may cause sinful actions such as lies, deceit, cheating, and the use of darker forces-which ultimately train the spirit, weigh down the heart, and lose the light of divine harmony in the voice of ego’s need for validation. 

However, if a desire is based on love, when we are in tune with nature’s song, the will of Ma’at, the lightness of being, and the visionary state of virtue. The infinite expansiveness of imagination allows for heaven on Earth as we find faith in our own abilities-love being the will of the divine, creativity being the soul expressed in such a way that allows every spirit to soar toward freedom with a feather heart liberated from the fear of judgement. 

Card 3 – I Consume Only My Fair Share
✨Crystal 3 –Leopardite

In looking at the lesson I Consume Only My Fair Share, we must ask if what we are consuming, or consumed by, feeds creation or nourishes destruction and if we are overindulging by feeding the ego instead of nourishing the soul. 

Consumption encompasses more than food. It carries over to metaphorical manna, the nourishment of the spirit that permeates all living beings. 

The scales of truth are balanced when the weight of your share intends to satisfy a pure desire instead of devouring the density of darkness. When your desires grow from a space in the heart, that light is shared and felt by all.  

✨ November Cosmic Oracle Reveal!! ✨

What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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✨Card 1 – Speaking One’s Truth 
✨Crystal 1 – Leopard-Skin Jasper
✨Card 1 Mantra – I AM speaking my truth with kindness and strength.

You are a unique human being and have been given talents, strengths, and potential to share and discover while you are on your earthly journey. The uniqueness of all human beings is to be celebrated and have our truths affirmed. Speaking your own truth is the best affirmation, but sometimes it’s difficult to do. You hesitate; you are afraid of confrontation or disapproval.

This card is telling you to speak up for what you believe. You are a powerful person. Speak the truth that is in your heart. When you do, a newfound strength will arise and provide you with power to go forward on your mission and complete your life’s work. Your relationships will become stronger. Everyone around you will grow as you lovingly speak your truth. 

✨Card 2 – The Law Of Attraction
✨Crystal 2 – Atlantasite
✨Card 2 Mantra – I AM open to new opportunities drawing like-minded people into my life.

A friendship, partnership, or new relationship is formed because you were at the right place at the right time. A friend you have not seen in years tells you about a new job opening. You are meeting people and attracting situations that seem almost magical. Coincidences seem to abound. Was it really a coincidence? Or was the Law of Attraction at work in your life? 

The Ladies of Pleiades are telling you that the Law of Attraction is bringing like-minded people-individuals-on your wavelength, expressing similar interests to you. As you continue to align yourself, body, mind, and spirit through meditation an prayer, the Law of Attraction will bring you the love you seek to make your life the success you dream about. 

Card 3 – Life Force/Chi
✨Crystal 3 –Rhodonite
✨Card 3 Mantra – I AM increasing my CHI, my life force. I AM healing my body, mind, and spirit.

Perhaps you have been feeling tired, worn out, lacking in energy. You need to tap into your life force or Chi. Spiritual practices like meditation and prayer increase your Chi. Eating wholesome foods releases their Chi and impacts the way you feel. 

Put the junk food away and take out the fresh food. Drink pure water. Begin a daily practice of exercise, choosing something that you enjoy. Take deep conscious breaths and fill your lungs with air. Slowly release your breath. Do this a few times. Exhale toxins and imagine them being washed away by a beautiful white or violet light. With this card, make a decision to release toxic situations and people, leaving more space for the positive energy of your Chi to flow, nourish, and heal you. With more life force, more Chi, you will feel the unconditional love and support from the Universe. 

✨November Cosmic Oracle Pull!!✨

I asked your spirit guides what you needed to know and pulled these three cards. Which card are you drawn to?
Card 1, Card 2, or Card 3 (starting from the left).
Comment BELOW!!
The reveal will be posted on November 8th!!

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✨ October Cosmic Oracle Reveal!! ✨

What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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✨Card 1 – Nightingale 
✨Crystal 1 – Opal
✨Card 1 Keywords – Fearless voice, speech, communication, or song.

The song of the Nightingale is otherworldly. this simple brown bird, almost unnoticeable among the flashy plumage of other birds, transports its listener to the realm of poetry. Nightingale’s energy is with us when we write, compose, and especially when we sing. It reminds us that music heals the deepest wounds. This card indicates a need to open the bridge between the heart and the voice. Is there something you need to say? How long has it been since you sang?
Turn it up, write it down, and let it out!!! 

When In Balance: Sings, speaks freely with kindness
When Out Of Balance: Shy, lump in the throat
To Bring Into Balance: Music 

✨Card 2 – Tiger
✨Crystal 2 – Pink Agate
✨Card 2 Keywords – Lunar force, ease in darkness, feminine energy.

The Tiger hunts at night… at one with the silence… fearing nothing. This card reminds us to take in the wild darkness, to allow the lunar forces to soothe and heal our spirits. Sensuality, receptivity, and devotion are all heightened in the midnight hour, and the Tiger takes advantage of these boons. Spend some time in silence this evening, drinking in the potent calm. There is nothing to fear in the stillness except the awakening of your own power. 

When In Balance: Passionate, strong, sensual
When Out Of Balance: Overstimulated
To Bring Into Balance: Trataka (candle gazing)

Card 3 – Stingray
✨Crystal 3 –Shattuckite in Quartz
✨Card 3 Keywords – Developing confidence, sense of self, or “spine”.

The Stingray card represents a pivotal point in personal growth. The moment has come when the Stingray must decide between the old (easy, comfortable, and familiar) and the new (challenging, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar). Pressure from family and friends makes the decision even more complicated. No matter what choice is made now, it’s inevitable that this dilemma will surface again and again, as the force of dharma growing within the Stingray is too strong to ignore.

When In Balance: Eager, wants to grow
When Out Of Balance: Blames others, quits
To Bring Into Balance: Move through the discomfort

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