✨ April Cosmic Oracle Reveal!! ✨

What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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✨Card 1 – Star Mother
✨Crystal 1 – Moonstone
✨Card 1 Question – How can you Mother yourself?

You are more held than you could possibly imagine. Loved and cherished so dearly that, if you knew, you would not spend one second of your life in separation, worry or fear. 

Let the Mother carry your burdens; let her rock away your fears. Lay all of your worries, regrets, shame and guilt on Her altar. Please, please sweet child, do not fear. You are love in motion. If you allow it, you are already healed. Let Her remind you of your goodness. Let Her love away your fears. 

Your capacity to love and hold others is limited to your capacity to love and hold yourself. Be compassionate with your sweet body, mind, and soul. Treat yourself like the beautiful spirit that you truly are. Remind yourself that you are doing your best and try not to carry it all on your own. 

You have got this and the Mother has got you. Let Her broad arms take away your burdens; let Her lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. Forgive yourself, my dear sweet child of the Earth. 

✨Card 2 – Starseed
✨Crystal 2 – Desert Rose
✨Card 2 Question – What lights you up?

Starseeds are souls with a double mission: To raise their own consciousness and the consciousness of the planet. They are old souls who have incarnated elsewhere beyond this planet. 

Many Starseeds arrive with a feeling that time is running out and that there is something that they came here to do or create or contribute. If you pulled this card it is to confirm that you are a Starseed and you are being encouraged to answer the call. To follow what lights you up.

Once awake, most Starseed souls find it hard to have meaningless conversations, jobs, and relationships. They innately know that there is much more to life and feel that there is ‘something more’ and get to work. They remain restless until they step into their calling, which is to light up the world with their unique presence. 

Starseeds are scattered all over the planet. In hospitals and schools, in slums and mansions, on stages and in the edit suites, in parks and nightclubs, in taxis and theme parks. Many Starseeds spend parts of their lives trying to fit in or in some form of spiritual closet. If you are dimming your light to fit in, it is time that you stop and start embracing the unique light that you came here to share, and treat your time on Earth like a glorious vacation.  

Card 3 – Trust the niggle
✨Crystal 3 – Prasiolite
✨Card 2 Question – What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?

That niggling feeling. That annoying, niggling feeling. That inconvenient, annoying, niggling feeling. Try as you might, it’s there. And it ain’t going anywhere. Most people spend years ignoring their niggling feelings. Throwing their best dollops of stubbornness, ego, and post-rationalization to numb them out. It’s exhausting. And until you face the niggle, life just throws you more bait to awaken it. To draw your attention to the light within you that is bursting to come out. The niggle is an arrow pointing to what is standing in your way – the relationship, the conversation, the decision, the shift that needs to be made, the stone in your shoe. 

Often, we feel the niggling feeling in our body first. Many people think that intuition is something from the higher realms, but in fact it is the body that is the intuitive one, working with our senses to deliver vibrational information. It takes just a moment every day to scan your body to receive the intuitive intelligence and act on it quickly. 

You are being called to face that niggle now. If you don’t face it, the Universe will throw something much bigger and more obvious in your path. And then you will likely regret that you didn’t answer the niggle in the first place. I know it’s scary, but you are safe. Answer the niggle now. 

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✨ April Cosmic Oracle Reveal!! ✨

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