Elizabeth April Book Badge

You're Not Dying, You're Just Waking Up Badge

Awakening can be daunting, overwhelming and honestly feel like you’re dying. This badge symbolizes all of the hard work it takes to rise above and WAKE UP to the world around you. 

Check out my book, You’re Not Dying, You’re Just Waking Up and all of the extra resources I have created to help you during any stage of your awakening journey to unlock this badge! 


Elizabeth April Love Attraction Workshop Badge

Love Attraction Badge

Are you looking to attract love in your life!?

Whether you are single, married or just looking around, this workshop will give you the tools and insight you need to get connected! 


Elizabeth April Astral Travel Workshop Badge

Astral Travel Badge

You will be awarded this badge if you decided to venture into the unknown, a place where few humans dare enter.

After you take this workshop you will become an astral warrior and with that comes the great privilege of seeking beyond the veil!

Become an astral master today! 


Elizabeth April Journey Course Badge

The Journey Badge

Everyone is on their own journey, and everyone’s journey will look different.

You are being called to explore the terrestrial and non-terrestrial energies of North America with my Dad and I!

Haven’t seen this adventure yet? Check it out here!


Get Woke Bootcamp

Get WOKE Bootcamp Badge

You will be awarded this badge when you take the initiative to make a monumental upgrade to your life! Change is never easy.

If you feel stuck, this is a great place to begin!


Elizabeth April Journey Course Badge

System Override Badge

If you feel stuck in the repeating pattern of FEAR, then this course is for you!

Once you make the choice to override your fear,  you will receive this badge commemorating the courageous step you took!


Elizabeth April Quantum Human Workshop Badge

Quantum Human Badge

Hey Quantum Human!!

Are you ready to get connected to the world around you?! You will receive this badge as a reminder that you have the entire Youniverse at your fingertips and should never forget just how powerful you truly are!

To discover the power you have within take the workshop today!


Elizabeth April Heal The Grid Workshop Badge

Heal The Grid Badge

This badge is for those who have taken the Heal the Grid Workshop!

Become a master Gridworker, take the workshop now and give back!


Cosmic Gateway

Cosmic Gateway 2021 Badge

You receive this badge when you step through the 2021 Cosmic Gateway! 


Elizabeth April Spirit Guide Badge

Spirit Guide Badge

Do you want to meet your Spirit Guides? Are you curious about the roles they play in your life and how you can use them as allies in your reality? 

To unlock this badge, take the Spirit Guide Workshop to get connected with your Cosmic Team!


Elizabeth April Cosmic Gateway  Badge

Cosmic Gateway 2022 Badge

You receive this badge when you push through the boundaries of the past year, shift out the toxicity and step into the new energy for the next year!!


Psychic Badge

Psychic Workshop Badge

If you are looking to step into your highest vibration and activate your third eye then this is the right place to be!

It’s time to step into your power Starseed!



Manifestation Workshop Badge

Have you been wanting to manifest your dream life? Well, there is no better time than the present!!


Elizabeth April GFL Badge

Breakthrough Reality Badge

Breaking through reality is no easy feat.

This badge represents a token for busting down the walls of this reality and having the courage to rebuild a reality you want to see!

Take the Workshop and get the badge today!


Elizabeth April Book Badge

The GFL & Hidden Human History Badge

You’ll be awarded this badge when you dig deep into our hidden human history and unlock secrets that nobody else is talking about.

Check out the lecture here:


Elizabeth April Book Badge

Mastering The Matrix Badge

This badge symbolizes you Mastering the 3D Matrix and unlocking your cosmic DNA!

Check out this incredible workshop to get activated today!


Elizabeth April SHIFT Masterclass Badge

SHIFT Masterclass Badge

You will be awarded this badge when you decide to SHIFT your reality from 3D to the 5th Dimension!!

It’s not an easy task but if you’re ready to get your Ego and Higher Self aligned then sign up and take this course to get awarded for this badge!


Elizabeth April GFL Badge

GFL Badge

Greetings Earthling! You receive this badge from the Galactic Federation if you attend any event or watch any episode! 

Haven’t seen one yet? Check them all out here, and get activated!